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Ergonomics and Rehabilitation BPK 482 (3)

Examines the role of ergonomics within the rehabilitation process. Provides knowledge about tools and techniques for improving the rehabilitation process for patients, health care providers and organizations. The course includes a 34 hour unpaid practicum with an industry partner. The partner may require the student to enter into (1) a confidentiality agreement and (2) an Intellectual property agreement the result of which will be that the SFU Intellectual Policy R 30.03 will not apply to the intellectual property created by the student during the practicum. By registering for the course, each student acknowledges that it is aware of these requirements and understands that their entering into these agreements may be a requirement to complete the applicable course work. Prerequisite: BPK 180W, 201, 326, and 381. Corequisite: BPK 481. Students must successfully complete a Criminal Record Check before enrolling.