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Financial Assistance
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Academic and Campus Services

Academic Computing Services

1001 Strand Hall, (604) 2913234 Tel, (604) 2914242 Fax, www.sfu.ca/acs

Academic Computing Services (ACS) provides oncampus and home access to all Internet services including electronic mail, the web, the Caucus web conferencing system, and netnews.

ACS offers several types of accounts for various services. You may need one or more of them. You need an SFU computing account to use the microcomputer labs, connect from home, send and receive email, surf the web, access the library over the web, and access many other services. CRC accounts allow you to pay for services. Novell accounts provide office microcomputers with access to departmental printers and disk space.

"Howtos" provide useful information on many topics. A 24hour help line is available at 778.782 3230 or send an email to help@sfu.ca. Students may obtain help from the lab attendants in AQ3148 or at 778.782 3930.

Consultants in ACS provide help to faculty, staff and graduate students on all Internet services, how to get connected from home, and on a wide variety of topics including statistics, numerical analysis and database applications.

Creditfree tutorials are offered every semester about email, word processing, desktop and web publishing, database and other topics.

ACS operates several microcomputer lab facilities for instructional and dropin use. You need an SFU computing account to log into the microcomputers and to access the printers in these labs.

The SFU Computing Guide is a brochure providing more information on all aspects of our services. Call 778.782 3234 for additional information.

Alumni Association

Alumni Relations, 2118 Strand Hall, (604) 2914154 Tel, (604) 2914958 Fax, alumni@sfu.ca, www.sfu.ca/alumni

Every person who has completed a degree, certificate or diploma program or PDP is a lifetime member of the Alumni Association, which seeks to support and further Simon Fraser University and higher education, and to strengthen the bond between Simon Fraser University and the University's 65,000 alumni.

The association promotes an annual fundraising campaign for the University; offers services to members; and supports activities including regional events and career development programs.

The Alumni Relations Office maintains alumni records, links alumni and University departments, and provides administrative support for the Association.


0400 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 2913261 Tel, (604) 291-4047 Fax, archives@sfu.ca Email, http://www/sfu/ca/archives

Archives' mandate is to acquire original archival materials that document all programs and activities of the University or that enhance its teaching and research programs. The University archives acquires three major categories of materials:

Archives also holds the noncirculating original copies of all theses and dissertations approved by the University.

The University's archives are a multimedia collection including film, video and sound recordings, maps, plans and architectural drawings, documentary art, and photographs.

Services to Researchers

The reference area is equipped with audio and video equipment. Arrangements can be made for viewing films. Reproduction request for photocopies and photographic copy prints are accommodated whenever possible. Finding aids to various collections are available in hard copy and a summary description is on the Archives Web site. Information is available about archival collections at other repositories.

Services to the Institution

To help fulfill its mandate, Archives administers a records management program for the University. The department also operates the University Records Centre (URC), providing temporary storage for official, semiactive records of the University. Archives staff provide consulting and training support to campus offices on recordkeeping policy, practices, records retention and disposal. The department is also responsible for coordinating and administering the University's access to information and privacy program and responding to all formal access requests submitted under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Service Hours

Archives is open for researchers 9 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

Art Gallery

3004 Academic Quadrangle, 778.782 4266 Tel, 778.782 3029 Fax

The Simon Fraser Gallery exhibits and collects art works from Pacific Rim countries with an emphasis on Canada and British Columbia. Temporary exhibitions change every three weeks throughout the active University year.

The Simon Fraser collection includes several series and individual graphics by Inuit, Native, contemporary American and Canadian artists, as well as large scale works by major Canadian painters and sculptors.

Special Activities: Lectures and events are organized in collaboration with University departments. Through the loans program, individual works of art are loaned to members of the University community for installation in specific sites on campus.

The gallery is open regularly during exhibition dates Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm; closed weekends and holidays.

The gallery is administered through the Dean of Arts Office, and operates through a gallery board.


Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 2913656 Tel, (604) 2913401 Fax, Harbour Centre store (604) 2915048, www.sfu.ca/bookstore

The Simon Fraser University Bookstore, which occupies three levels in the Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, carries new and used books, stationery, clothing and giftware. Book selection includes general interest books, as well as textbooks for courses offered at the Burnaby campus and in the distance education program. General interest books are located on the upper floor and include a wide selection of reference books, study guides, literature, travel guides, cookbooks and other subjects. The bookstore also carries a extensive selection of stationery, university crested sportswear and memorabilia, and unique gift items.

The bookstore has a secondary location at the Harbour Centre campus. Textbooks for courses offered at Harbour Centre are only available at the downtown bookstore. For hours and information, call the number listed above, or visit our web site.

Burnaby Mountain Community Corporation

3100 Bennett Library, (604) 2913220 Tel, (604) 2913189 Fax, www.sfu.ca/bmcp

The Burnaby Mountain Community Corporation is responsible for overseeing the planning and development of a new community on approximately 200 acres of land within the University's ring road. This community will include new housing, commercial and recreational facilities, along with parks and open space. We welcome you to view our web site for more information, or visit our office off Convocation Mall.

Campus Community Services

1480 Maggie Benston Centre, (604) 2914170 Tel, (604) 2914341 Fax, www.sfu.ca/ccs,
8:30 am - 12 noon and 1 - 4 pm, Monday - Friday

Campus Community Services enriches the student's university experience by providing programs and services, and developing policies that support student's educational and personal goals. Our mandate is to ease the transition of new students through orientation services, to offer a wide scope of activities, programs and services that assist students with academic and social success throughout their time at SFU, and to provide opportunities to explore career options and better prepare for life in the larger community when they leave SFU.

Campus Community Services includes: Centre for Students with Disabilities, Childcare Centre, a variety of community events, Health, Counselling and Career Services, Nightline Crisis counselling and the Peer Educators program, First Nations Student Centre, Interfaith Centre, new student orientations, Recreational Services & Athletics, Residence and Housing, and the Volunteer Resource Centre.

Orientation for New Students

1480 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 2913728 Tel, (604) 2914341 Fax, www.sfu.ca/discover-sfu

Whether you are coming from the workforce, college, another university, or high school, orientation to Simon Fraser University is a must.

Fall Orientation 2001 will be held August 30 and 31.

Join 2,000 other new students in an assembly celebrating SFU, meet the president, watch a dynamic play about life as a student, and learn about student services that are available to you. You will attend sessions on academic success, financial planning, the library and much more. You will be with a small group of students from your faculty led by a senior student.

As soon as you register for orientation, you will be introduced to your orientation leader and you'll start receiving e-mail updates about the orientation, with an opportunity to keep in touch with your group and leader through your first semester.

Space is limited so register early. The deadline is August 15, 2001. Use the contact information above to register.

We also offer orientation in January and May for new students starting classes in the spring and summer semesters. Look for details on the web and in Next Step, enclosed with your acceptance letter.

Program Development Office

The Program Development Office operates several other services as well as orientation.

Volunteer Centre


We help students find volunteer opportunities on and off campus. The centre hosts a volunteer fair each September.

From Backpack to Briefcase Conference

This is offered annually to students who will soon graduate. The conference is focussed on managing the transition from university, finding career direction and providing strategies for job hunting.

SFU Food Bank

1349 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, 778.782 5446 Tel

This confidential campus service is provided in conjunction with the Simon Fraser Student Society. The food bank provides dry goods and gift certificates for supermarkets. A valid SFU student card is all that is needed to use the service. The food bank is located in 1349 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre. Call us for information.

Campus Security

Patrol Operations/Information Centre

01 Transportation Centre, (604) 2913100 (24 hours), (604) 2913469 Fax, www.sfu.ca/security

Campus security patrol, emergency response, campus information, safe walk program, complaint investigation and referral.

778.782 4500 (24 hours) all emergencies

(604) 4444929 (24 hours) or www.sfu.ca/security/current for road conditions

778.782 5451 lost and found

778.782 5448 card access

General Office

1300 Transportation Centre

778.782 5983 Fax

778.782 5450 personal security

778.782 3920 lockshop/keys

Parking Services

3110 West Mall Centre, parking@sfu.ca

778.782 5534 Tel

778.782 5386 Fax

778.782 4577 recorded information

All parking lots on campus except the visitor parking areas are reserved 24 hours for permit holders only. There is no free parking on campus.

Parking for undergraduates at the Burnaby campus is very limited. Parking permits for B lot ($93 per semester) are the most popular option, but due to demand for parking in the fall and spring semesters, B Lot permits must be allocated by lottery.

There are two lottery draws per year and they are held before the fall and spring semesters begin. Student may enter the lottery on the Parking Service's home page on the Web at
www.sfu.ca/security/Parking or in person at the Parking Services Office. You must have an SFU student number to enter.

There is an open sale period for renewable B Lot permits only once a year beginning on the first business day in April. Only a limited number of permits are sold on a firstcome, firstserved basis. A limited number of reserved spaces, available at a cost of $255 per semester, are sold on a firstcome, firstserved basis, year round. Evening/weekend parking permits are always available.

There are four visitor parking areas at the Burnaby campus. Visitor parking rates are $1.50 per hour up to a maximum of $9 per day.

More detailed information regarding parking can be found on the Parking Services web site at www.sfu.ca/security/Parking.

Cashiers' Office

1411 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, 778.782 3218 Tel, 778.782 4263 Fax

The Cashiers' Office is responsible for the collection of student fees and deposit of university revenue. The centralized students' accounts receivable system is managed by the Cashiers' Office. All tuition fee payments and enquiries concerning the status of an account should be directed to this office.

Arrangements can be made to automatically pay fees from the student's banking institution to the University. Account information is then available via the information telephone line (6042948600) or on the world wide web (my.sfu.ca). Links to financial institutions at this site will show directed payments and other bank account information.

For the convenience of students in downtown Vancouver, the Information and Registration Office at the Harbour Centre campus will perform many of the functions of the Cashier's Office at the Burnaby campus.

Office hours are 9 am - 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Centre for Distance Education

1300 West Mall Centre, (604) 2913524 Tel, (604) 2914964 Fax, toll free within BC 18006631411, www.sfu.ca/cde

Distance Education courses provide an alternative to traditional classroom learning for those who wish to continue their formal education but cannot attend scheduled classes on campus or at an off campus location. Since 1975, when Simon Fraser University introduced its first five distance education courses to 55 students, the program has grown to over 12,000 course enrolments a year in over 130 credit courses.

All courses carry full university credit and run parallel to the on-campus offerings. Students may complete many certificate, diploma and degree programs entirely by distance education. Or students may take a combination of distance education, evening or day courses to fulfil their academic requirements.

Each registered student receives a complete learning package using one or more of the following delivery methods: print-based study guide, audio and/or videotapes, supplementary readings. In addition, some courses have a teleconferencing or e-mail requirement. Increasingly, instructional technologies (e.g. web based or computer conferencing) are being used to promote interaction between and amongst students and the tutor-marker.

Each course is assigned a tutor marker who is responsible for grading assignments and assisting students with course work. All have scheduled office hours for telephone and/or email consultation.

Centre for Students with Disabilities

1250 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 291-3112 Tel, (604) 291-5457 TTY, www.sfu.ca/ccs/csd

The Centre for Students with Disabilities was established to improve accessibility at Simon Fraser University by developing and updating University policies, procedures and programs. The centre is also responsible for providing direct services to students with a disability. These services include: assistance with notetaking; tutor support; access to adaptive technology; support for exam modifications; general advocacy, etc. Students requiring any of these services are expected to supply current documentation at their own expense and should contact the centre as soon as possible, preferably three months prior to the start of a semester.

The centre has an equipment lab of computers with access software (e.g. large text, voice output), a scanner, a Braille printer and a CCTV (closed circuit television for text or graphic enlargement). Most of the computers in the lab are on adjustable tables.

The Centre for Students with Disabilities also works with other University departments to ensure appropriate services are in place. Information on accessible 0n campus housing and accessible parking is available.

Course materials in alternative formats are also available for students through interlibrary loans in the Bennett Library. Due to possible delays, contact the centre at least three months prior to the start of the semester.

Please contact the Centre for Students with Disabilities if you would like more information.

Childcare Services

Children's Centre, West Side of Campus, (604) 2914569 Tel, (604) 2913058 Fax, www.sfu.ca/childcare-society

SFU Childcare Society has 11 programs offering quality childcare to children of students, staff and faculty. Our unique worldclass facility provides full time and part time care to over 250 children aged 3 months to 12 years. The school aged children are transported off campus to attend two local Burnaby schools.

All childcare staff are fully qualified early childhood educators and provide children with a caring, enriched, developmentally balanced program. Parent participation at the program and board levels is an important part of our operations.

Fees are payable monthly. Childcare bursaries are available to eligible students and staff. The Ministry for Children and Families also subsidizes childcare fees for those parents qualifying under their financial need criteria. For information and/or a visit, call the Childcare office between 8 am and 5 pm at 778.782 4569.

CJSF Radio

216 Transportation Centre, 778.782 3727 Tel, 778.782 3695 Fax

CJSF Radio is Simon Fraser University's campus/community station, funded by Simon Fraser University students. The station's mandate is to provide its listening community with programming content rarely available from the mainstream media. CJSF offers a wide variety of non-commercial music from all genres as well as special interest spoken word programming. The station provides free airtime for public service announcements, and makes available a disc jockey service to the campus community for special events.

CJSF is currently operated by over 150 volunteers and new volunteers are always welcome. Station orientations are held regularly. In addition, CJSF offers semesterly work-study positions and grants a variety of opportunities to campus members and the Burnaby community.

You can listen to CJSF through Rogers Cable at 93.9 FM, on campus at 940 AM and on the Internet at www.cjsf.bc.ca. CJSF is currently applying for an FM licence to broadcast at 500 watts FM.

To find out more about your campus radio station, call us or drop by our offices.

School for the Contemporary Arts

(604) 2913363 Tel, (604) 2915907 Fax, www.sfu.ca/sca

Information on the School for the Contemporary Arts' teaching programs can be found in the relevant undergraduate and graduate Faculty of Arts sections. The school also sponsors the following services for the campus community.

Public Events

The School for the Contemporary Arts presents a free performance, film screening, concert or artist's demonstration in the SFU Theatre every Thursday at 12:30 pm during fall and spring semesters. In addition, more than 100 performances and visual art shows are scheduled throughout the year in the SFU Theatre, Studio II, the Martin Bartlett Performance Space at Alexander Centre downtown, and the studios of the school. Programming for both the noon series and evening events features a mix of professional touring artists and students of the school. For information, contact the SFU Theatre box office at 778.782 3514.

Professional Development Offerings

Praxis Film Development Workshop, 778.782 3100, offers a resource centre, intensive workshops, public seminars, and courses on a broad range of filmrelated topics.

Dining Services

Administrative Office, Academic Quadrangle 2028, 778.782 4481 Tel, Catering 778.782 4377/4510

Simon Fraser University Dining provides a variety of convenient food outlets offering wellbalanced, nutritional meals, fast food services, catering for groups, and convenience store shopping.

Piper Express debit card allows students, faculty and staff to purchase meals on a prepaid account from any of the following dining locations throughout the academic year. This account can be accessed by using either the preprogrammed Piper Express card or by having your own student card encoded for this purpose. Hours of operation are reduced for holidays, semester breaks and summer semester.

East Concourse
Orient Express

Enjoy the flexibility of the Sizzling Grill. Have a little or a lot - vegetarian, meat, seafood or chicken - with an array of delicious sauces. Incredible daily features are also available.

Open Monday - Friday, 11 am - 2:15 pm.

Mountain Top Deli

For the creative at heart, choose from gourmet breads, meats, cheeses and toppings to make that perfect sandwich. Plus we also offer the ever popular panini, now available in half orders.

Open Monday - Friday, 11 am - 3:30 pm.

Alexander MacKenzie Cafe

Hungry? Chicken or vegetarian Wraps, in Thai, peanut and mango papaya flavours are for your choosing. Check out the grab and go health snack bar, with some of the feistiest dips this side of the 49th parallel. Or choose from our great daily entrees, burgers, sandwiches and pasta. Breakfast is served Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 10:45 am. The cafeteria is open until 7:30 pm.

Academic Quadrangle
White Spot Triple O's

The home of the White Spot Triple O burger, thick cut onion rings, fresh cut fries, milkshakes and more.

Open 11 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

Simon C's

Our convenience store sells sandwiches, snacks, beverages, slurpees, pretzels, pastries, groceries, health and beauty aids, newspapers, magazines and stamps. The store is open 8 am - 9:30 pm, Monday to Friday, and 10 am - 6:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday

Catering Service

Call 778.782.4510 for all your catering needs.

West Mall Centre
Raven's Cafeteria

Our nutritional entrées change daily. We offer a choice of traditional meat or vegetarian cuisine, a la carte breakfast and lunch grill choices, gourmet deli sandwiches, soup, chili and salad bar, pizza and pasta bar and madetoorder stir-fry delights. Got a sweet tooth? Check out our desserts and baked goods while enjoying the best view on campus!

Open seven days a week.

Raven's Bistro

We proudly serve Starbucks coffee along with gourmet baked goods, pizza and other delicious savories. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone or a milkshake. Open 7:30 am to 10:30 pm Monday - Friday.

First Nations Student Centre

1260 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 2913555 Tel, (604) 2915682, http://www.sfu.ca/student-services/nsc/, Monday - Friday, 10 am - 6 pm

Support services and programs are available to students of aboriginal ancestry (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) through the First Nations Student Centre.

The centre develops academic support programs including student orientation and graduation activities, and provides referrals to and information concerning university and Aboriginal community resources.

Services include listings for volunteer work, employment and campus/community cultural events, and there are telephone and fax services also.

There is a First Nations academic advisor available in Academic Resources who can help with academic program planning including registration procedures, course selection and course withdrawals. The advisor will also assist with appeals and retroactive withdrawals.

The First Nations Student Association lounge is located in TC 3108 where students can meet in a relaxed atmosphere. The lounge, available 24 hours a day, is equipped with computers.

George and Ida Halpern Centre

Halpern Centre, 778.782 4910 Tel, 778.782 3420 Fax

The Halpern Centre was donated to the University to be used as a setting for cultural and intellectual endeavours which are not part of the scheduled credit offerings of the University. The centre serves as a venue for events of the highest scholarly, social and cultural value, including lectures by distinguished visitors, discussion groups, seminars, learned conferences, dissertation defences, art exhibits, musical performances and the like.

The centre is also available for booking by University departments and community groups whose activities are consistent with the centre's stated purposes. There is no rental fee for Universitysponsored events. Space bookings, reserved by a University individual, require sponsorship of the individual's department or, in the case of student clubs or unions, through the Simon Fraser Student Society.

Harassment Resolution Office

3045 Academic Quadrangle, 778.782 4446 Tel, 778.782 5468 Fax,

Simon Fraser University's harassment policy responds to the University's responsibility under BC's human rights code to prevent harassment, to provide procedures for handling complaints and to resolve harassment conflicts when they occur.

The harassment policy applies to all members of the University community including employees and students.

SFU's harassment policy addresses personal harassment, sexual harassment and harassment based on a prohibited ground of discrimination. Complaints can be resolved through either informal or formal procedures, although it is important to note that personal harassment complaints can be dealt with only through informal procedures.

The Harassment Resolution Office is dedicated to resolving harassment conflicts, and is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please call the office for more information on the policy, or for an appointment.

If you are involved in a situation you think may be harassment, as soon as possible call the Harassment Resolution Office.

Health, Counselling and Career Centre

0101 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 2914111 Tel, (604) 2915888 Fax, www.sfu.ca/hccc

Our Mission

We exist to promote mind-body wellness to enable students to realize their full potential and achieve their academic, personal and career goals. Our services are responsive, professional and foster self-reliance. We work as an integrated team and value innovation and partnerships with students.

Key services include health services, counselling and learning skills, career services, and outreach.

Health Services

0101 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, 778.782 -4615 Tel, 778.782 5888 Fax, medical emergencies: 778.782 4500, Physicians after regular hours: (604) 522-2211/2311, 5:30 pm - 8:30 am, Monday - Friday, weekends and holidays

The Health Services division of the Health, Counselling and Career Centre provides quality health care at both the Burnaby Mountain and the Harbour Centre campuses. We provide primary health care for students and emergency/urgent care for staff and faculty members. The clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of health care providers including physicians, a psychiatrist, nurses, a health educator and support staff. We also operate a physiotherapy clinic and a BC Biomedical Laboratory on-site. Patients are seen by appointment or on a drop-in basis. Fees are covered by most provincial health plans. Don't forget to bring your health card.

The following services are available for students: general health care, pap smears, breast exams, birth control information and counselling, STD testing and counselling, health education, immunizations and allergy shots, mental health, specialist clinics, travel medicine, and emergency response and first aid.

Physiotherapy Clinic

070 Chancellor Gymnasium Centre, 778.782 3284 Tel, 778.782 5781 Fax

The clinic is staffed by two physiotherapists, an athletic therapist and an office assistant. Services are provided to all members of the campus community. Physiotherapists address orthopedic and sports injuries, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Services are available by appointment. No referral is required, except for WCB or ICBC. A minimal user fee is charged which may be covered by extended medical insurance. The user fee is waived for those on premium assistance, WCB or ICBC patients and varsity athletes.

Counselling and Learning Skills

0164 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, 778.782 3694 Tel, 778.782 5888 Fax

Free, confidential counselling services are available for SFU students currently registered in credit courses at SFU. Registered psychologists, counsellors and counsellor trainees provide brief individual, couple and group counselling. We address personal, academic and career concerns. Same day appointments are available for initial visits and crisis. Groups and workshops are offered on a range of personal development topics including stress management, depression, performance anxiety, communication skills, procrastination and body image. Counselling Services also provides expert consultation to staff and faculty, outreach to campus groups and crisis intervention for critical incidents on campus.

Learning skills counsellors and peer educators assist SFU students with their unique learning needs at university. Workshops and short courses, drop in sessions and individual consultations are offered for reading, writing, memory, concentration, exam preparation, time management, presentation and general learning skills. The learning skills team provides outreach to classes or specialized groups. Drop by HBC 0300 to review our extensive collection of learning resources and check out the many programs available to enhance your academic success.

Career Services

0300 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, 778.782 3106 Tel, 778.782 5926 Fax

Career Services provides a range of options for SFU students and recent alumni who require assistance with career development and work search. Career counsellors, advisors and peer educators provide workshops, programs, events, drop in sessions and individual appointments to assist you with the development of your own unique career plan and work search strategy.

Our self-help resource library offers a comprehensive set of print and on-line resources to aid in your planning process. Computerized career assistance is available, along with self-help videos, books, university and college calendars, specialized program information, and a variety of other resources. Check out our new software programs and CD Roms for career exploration. Drop by during regular office hours for personal assistance with your immediate questions.

We provide access to internet-based work search tools offering on-line job postings, on-line resumes and applications, employer profiles and recruitment campaigns. We also co-ordinate on campus recruiting and specialized career events. Sign on to our e-mail list (career-services@sfu.ca) to receive regular updates and information about employment opportunities, programs and services.

Mentors On-line

778.782 3215 Tel, 778.782 5888 Fax

Did you know that SFU graduates employed in your field of interest are ready and willing to help you with your career development? Mentors On-line is an automated, user driven program that allows you to search for mentors by faculty, career, age, salary and gender. Find detailed information on hundreds of careers, participate in information interviews and get assistance with career planning and work search. Contact Career Services to register your user name and password.

Outreach Services

778.782 3878/3879 Tel, 778.782 5888 Fax

Outreach services are provided on campus to groups of students, faculty and staff. Staff deliver presentations, workshops, seminars and small group discussions on-site. These sessions address physical and mental health issues, learning skills, career and employment issues and other topics of interest to students, faculty and staff. In addition, special events are organized throughout the year. Our staff will come to you.

Peer Educators

778.782 5362 Tel, 778.782 5888 Fax

Peer educators are registered students who deliver outreach programs and provide assistance with student health issues, academic performance, career development and related issues. They work under the supervision of HCCC staff to organize special events on campus, conduct educational workshops and small group discussions and provide one-on-one consultation in all areas of HCCC. Peer educators also offer a lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered or questioning (LGBTQ) peer support program for students with concerns related to sexual identity or coming out.

New student volunteers are welcome in all of our peer programs. Extensive training is provided each year in late August.

SFU Nightline

(604) 688-5198 evenings, weekends and holidays

SFU Nightline offers a telephone crisis intervention service, providing peer counselling and support, information and referrals after regular HCCC office hours. Student volunteers undergo extensive training using a crisis-intervention model. When you call Nightline, an answering service will answer and patch you through to a student volunteer within 10 minutes. For more information, visit our web site at www.sfu.ca/hccc.

Instructional Development Centre

7512 Education Building, (604) 2913910 Tel, (604) 2914900 Fax, www.idc.sfu.ca,
Monday to Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

The Instructional Development Centre (IDC) is a centrally organized and integrated support structure for all aspects of instructional development at Simon Fraser University through the consolidation of the Centre for University Teaching with the Instructional Media Centre. Services include the following.

Audio Visual Services (AVS)

P9301 Shrum Science Centre, 778.782 4828 Tel, 778.782 4616 Fax, Monday to Thursday,
8 am - 10 pm, Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm

2622 West Mall Centre, 778.782 5538 Tel, Monday to Thursday, 8 am - 8 pm, Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm

Audio Visual Services has two locations.

A wide variety of audio visual and computer equipment for classroom projects is available for loan to students as well as advice and instruction in the proper use of equipment. When requested by faculty, audio recordings of lectures can be produced for student use. The cassettes and a listening facility are located in both the W.A.C. Bennett Library and the Belzberg Library at the Harbour Centre campus.

Centre for University Teaching

1364 West Mall Centre, (604) 2686570, (604) 2913851, www.idc.ca/centre-teaching,
Monday to Friday, 9 am - 4:30 pm

The Centre for University Teaching offers instructional development programs and activities to faculty, sessional instructors, teaching assistants, staff and students to enhance the quality of teaching.

The centre also produces a newsletter about teaching issues, brings in visiting scholars, runs a teaching resource library and offers one-to-one consultations with faculty members and teaching assistants who are interested in honing their teaching skills.

The following major programs are organized by the centre: TA/TM Day, The ISW, CRW, NFOS, Voice Projection Workshop series and the Say It on the Web workshop series.

Media Production Group

7512 Education Building, 778.782 4648 Tel, 778.782 4900 Fax

Experienced professionals provide consultation, design and production of instructional materials in all formats including video, audio, graphics, interactive design and photography.

Media Resources

7512 Education Building, 778.782 4300/5959 Tel, 778.782 4900 Fax

Media resources provides assistance to locate and acquire films and video tapes from distributors and other institutions. The film and video tape library consists of over 3000 titles that are available for preview or classroom use. Preview facilities are available.

Interfaith/Chaplaincy Centre

1470 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, 778.782 3180 Tel,

The University is served by an ecumenical and interfaith chaplaincy comprising six chaplains representing the Christianity faith and other religions. They provide a wide spectrum of social and spiritual services, and they are prepared to help anyone including students, staff and faculty.

For special events, weekly services and meetings, see Simon Fraser News or call 778.782 3180. Students are warmly invited to visit our dropin centre and reading room, which is open 9:30 am - 3 pm, Monday - Friday.

International & Exchange Student Services

1200 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 2914232 Tel, (604) 2915880 Fax, sfu_international@sfu.ca, www.reg.sfu.ca/IESS

International & Exchange Student Services is responsible for coordinating the University's exchange programs and other international opportunities as well as encouraging a strong and visible international student presence. Students and recent graduates of Simon Fraser University have access to a myriad of unique experiences and opportunities by becoming involved in any of the University's many international and domestic activities, including student exchanges and field schools. The university can also offer some assistance in accessing employment and volunteer opportunities overseas.

International Students

IESS provides support and assistance with cultural adaptation and responds to a wide range of enquiries from international students, including clarification of Canadian immigration requirements for study and employment. Drop by for advice, for assistance, or just for a visit.

The centre also offers support to graduate and undergraduate visa students and their families. Services presently include:

All new undergraduate and graduate international students will be contacted by IESS shortly after admission to Simon Fraser University has been confirmed. Arrangements can be made with IESS to meet new students arriving from overseas.

Orientation is offered at the beginning of each semester. In addition to being a resource to all international students during their period of study, IESS provides support in students' adjustment to Canadian university life. New students especially are encouraged to visit our centre where the staff will be pleased to outline the wide range of services available on campus.

Study Abroad
International Exchange Programs

Students in their third and fourth years at Simon Fraser University have access to unique education opportunities by becoming involved in a student exchange. With planning, courses taken outside of SFU may be used toward your Simon Fraser University degree and need not extend your period of study. Simon Fraser University has exchange relationships in many countries around the world and in Canada.

A student approved for participation in a formal exchange program may, with the approval of his/her major department(s), undertake a maximum of 30 lower or upper division exchange credit hours while participating in the program. Students who have transferred to SFU are allowed to count the additional 30 exchange credits in addition to any transfer credit the student may have been previously awarded.

Students participating in formal exchange programs may receive exchange credit for courses completed at the host university with a passing grade.

Transfer credit for exchange programs should be arranged before departure.

See "International Program Fees".

Bilateral Canadian Exchanges

Université Quebec á Montréal (UQAM)

University of Ottawa

Université Laval

National Student Exchange (NSE)

Simon Fraser University is a member of the NSE. Students can participate in an exchange with over 80 American public universities from each of the fifty states, including Alaska and Puerto Rico. More information is available at information sessions.

Eligibility for Exchanges

Participants on all exchanges must meet certain academic and residency requirements. All domestic and international exchange participants

Information meetings for students interested in North American or international exchanges will be held in MBC 1200 on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30, and Fridays from 11:30 to 12:30, from September 11 to November 30, 2001, and from January 8 to March 30, 2002 (times subject to change). Plan to attend one of these meetings.

Application packages for all exchange programs are available in MBC 1200 or on the web at www.reg.sfu.ca/iess. Application deadlines for exchanges beginning: fall 2002 is January 25, 2002 and in spring 2003 is May 24, 2002.

Field Schools

Field schools are discipline-specific one-semester study abroad programs for groups of students. Accompanied by a professor of Simon Fraser University, participants will spend one semester abroad earning SFU credit. The following field schools are planned for the 2001/2002 academic year:

See "International Program Fees".

Communication Studies (spring 2002)

Sponsored by the School of Communication, the field school will spend eight weeks in the Philippines - one month at the University of the Philippines campus in Diliman and one month at the University of the Philippines campus in Los Baños - studying the dynamic role of the media and communications in the Philippines.

Latin American Studies (spring 2002)

Sponsored by the Latin American Studies program, the field school will spend eight weeks in Tijuana, Mexico and other border towns studying the topics of globalization and border cultures.

Chinese Studies (summer 2002)

Sponsored by the Asia Canada program, the field school will spend one week at Simon Fraser University followed by seven weeks in China - one week in Beijing and six weeks in Jilin - studying intensive Chinese language as well as Chinese culture.

French (summer 2002)

Sponsored by the Department of French, the field school will take place in Tours, in the Loire Valley of France. Students will spend eight weeks studying French culture, language and literature at the Université de Tours (all instruction in French).

Hellenic Studies (summer 2002)

Sponsored by the Hellenic Studies program, the field school will spend one week at Simon Fraser University followed by seven weeks of study in Kephalonia, Greece with field trips to surrounding areas.

Humanities in the Czech Republic (summer 2002)

Sponsored by the Faculty of Arts, the field school will spend eight weeks in Prague studying modern Czech culture and humanities courses.

Archaeology in the South Pacific (summer 2002)

Sponsored by the Department of Archaeology, the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji will be the location for archaeology course work as well as Fijian culture, followed by field work and training on the Coral Coast and a local island.

Southeast Asia (summer 2002)

Sponsored by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the field school will study regional areas, the environment and society through anthropological studies and course work. The first weeks of the field school will take place in Vietnam, followed by travel in Thailand and ending in Chaing Mai.

Independent Study Abroad

Students may study at institutions in virtually any country and may receive Simon Fraser credit. Students must arrange these programs individually, and must also organize transfer credit using a Letter of Permission. Finance, tuition, academic and language requirements of the host institution must be met by the individual student. Information on procedures is available from IESS.

For more information, see Courses at Other Institutions on page 40.

W.A.C. Bennett Library

Burnaby Mountain, Library Hours (604) 2914351, Library Information (604) 2913869, Fax (604) 2913023; Dial-in Computer Catalogue Access: SFU students (604) 2914721, faculty and staff (604) 2915947, non-SFU patrons (604) 291594, www.lib.sfu.ca


The library has over 1,300,000 bound volumes and over 7,000 currently received serials subscriptions. Together with other types of materials, the library collections contain over 2,000,000 items. The Library of Congress classified books are arranged on three floors as follows: AHS on the 4th; HTQE on the 5th; and QHZ on the 6th. Periodicals are housed on the 6th floor, with current unbound journals in a separate reading room. Individual seating is available on all of the collections floors, interspersed among the book shelves and around the outside of each floor.

Strong collections are available to the undergraduate student in all disciplines taught at Simon Fraser University. The graduate student or scholar will also find a growing corpus of research literature available to them. Information available via the library's computer systems include holdings of the Simon Fraser University libraries, indexes to journals in all disciplines and catalogues of other universities in North America and abroad. Special collections include the contemporary literature collection, consisting of books, little magazines, tapes, posters and manuscripts of interest to the student of avantgarde poetry. An extensive map collection, now over 80,000 sheets, has been developed to serve the needs of the Department of Geography as well as the other area specializations throughout the University community. The curriculum collection consists of copies of curriculum guides and suggested readings prescribed by the Department of Education for use in BC schools. A wide range of Canadian, American, and overseas newspapers has been assembled. A growing collection of sound recordings, scores, slides and films is available for use in the fine arts room. The research data library, on the 7th floor, acquires, manages, and provides access to computerreadable files of statistical and other types of information such as survey results, census data, stock market prices, etc.


Special facilities offered by the library include microform readers and printers, tape listening facilities, and photocopying machines. The WordStation located on the second floor contains IBM and Macintosh microcomputers, laser printers and Microsoft Word for student word processing needs. These facilities are in the public areas of the Library. Reserved study rooms, a Braille typewriter, a Visualtek machine and assistance in using library materials are available to disabled persons.


Librarians are available to assist users and provide reference service Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 8 pm, Friday 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Service hours are reduced during the summer semester, on holidays and during semester breaks.

Access to Information, a special series of lectures, is available in the library at the beginning of each semester. Librarians give specialized bibliographic lectures for specific courses when requested by faculty.

The Innovative Interfaces Inc. integrated computerized library system includes automated circulation and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) components. These allow users to consult records in the library collection through userfriendly terminals on all floors. The OPAC can also be accessed through any terminal or microcomputer connected to the campus network, by off campus computer dialup, or via the Internet.


The loan policy is three weeks for in demand items, and semester loan for general circulation material. High usage and courseidentified materials are gathered in the reserve collection and are assigned shorter loan periods.

The circulation system is automated and borrowers are issued ID/library cards. Faculty and graduate students may use the library at the University of BC. Service is obtained from the circulation division of that library. BC university libraries participate in interlibrary lending which opens the collections of BC postsecondary institutions to all SFU faculty and students.


Saturday and Sunday 11 am - 10 pm; Monday to Thursday 8 am - 11:45 pm; Friday 8 am - 6 pm

Normally, the building closes during statutory holidays. For detailed information about service hourse, visit the library web site at www.lib.sfu.ca/news/hours.htm

Samuel and Frances Belzberg Library

Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre, 778.782 5050 Tel, 778.782 5052 Fax,

The Belzberg Library has been in operation since January 1989 as a branch library serving the students and faculty of Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre. The library provides a full range of services including reference, loan of library materials, access to course reserve items and requests for materials from the main W.A.C. Bennett Library. Online services, including a computerized library catalogue, full text databases, and access to the World Wide Web, form an essential element of this `electronic' library.

The library collection is developing gradually to support the courses and programs offered downtown. It currently consists of over 8,000 books and several hundred journal titles as well as microfilm and fiche collections.

The Samuel and Frances Belzberg Library was developed through the generous donation of the Belzberg family.

Library hours: Belzberg Library service is available Monday - Thursday, 10 am - 9 pm; Friday,
10 am - 7 pm; and Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm.

Media and Public Relations Office

620 School for the Contemporary Arts, (604) 2913210 Tel, (604) 2913039 Fax, www.sfu.ca/mediapr

Media and Public Relations Office is responsible for community relations and information dissemination. Major activities include publicizing campus events and achievements, media liaison, publication of Simon Fraser University News and the operation of a speakers bureau. News and story ideas are always welcome.

Microcomputer Store

2000 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, 778.782 3098 Tel, 778.782 4783 Fax,
http://microstore.ucs.sfu.ca, micro_store@sfu.ca

The Microcomputer Store sells educationallypriced computer hardware, software, supplies and accessories to current SFU students, staff and faculty.

Educational discounts are available on a wide range of software, including products from Adobe, Borland, Corel, FileMaker, Macromedia, Microsoft and Symantec. Apple, Epson, IBM, Lexmark, Panasonic and others offer educational discounts on computer hardware products. We can help you choose the right products to get your university work done. Our store staff are not on a commission basis, so we can offer unbiased advice to our customers.

The store stocks software, printer ink cartridges and toner, memory, media, modems, paper, cables and accessories for your convenience. We also have demonstration computers, monitors and printers for you to evaluate. Our service shop can upgrade or repair most computer equipment.

Our regular hours are Monday - Friday,
10 am - 4:30 pm.

Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

8602 Northeast Concourse, Academic Quadrangle, 778.782 3325 Tel, 778.782 5666 Fax,
www.sfu.ca/archaeology/museum/index.htm, Monday to Friday, 10 am - 4 pm, closed on statutory holidays

The museum exhibits and collects objects from around the world, with a specific emphasis on the archaeology and ethnology of the First Nations of British Columbia, especially the Northwest coast. Virtual exhibits on a wide variety of topics can be found at the above Internet address.

Ombuds Office

2205 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 2914563 Tel, (604) 2913899 Fax, ombudsoffice@sfu.ca Email

Established in 1965, the Simon Fraser Student Society Ombuds Office is dedicated to promoting fairness for members of the University community.

The Ombudspersons provide information about existing review or appeal procedures.

The Ombudspersons advise on and assist with informal complaint resolution and problem solving processes.

The Ombudspersons can also inquire into matters of administrative fairness in the application of University or student society policies, practices, processes and guidelines.

The Peak Newspaper

2901 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 2914560, www.peak.sfu.ca

Published weekly each semester, The Peak is Simon Fraser University's independent student newspaper. Students may place free personal classified ads, sit on the Board of Directors, vote, volunteer, work as an editor or write a letter to share opinions with the university community. In addition to being a valuable source of information, The Peak provides jobs and experience for other SFU students, maintains an archive, darkroom and web site, and is a member of Canadian University Press.

Recreational Services and Athletics

110 Chancellor's Gymnasium Complex, 778.782 3675 Tel, 778.782 4922 Fax,

Recreational Services & Athletics provides the campus community with a variety of physical activities from recreational to competitive levels.

Chancellors Gymnasium complex includes a fitness centre (Piper's Gym), weight room (The Bog), six lane 25 metre pool, diving pool, combative room, squash/racquetball courts, outdoor tennis courts, outdoor climbing wall, 400 metre outdoor track, a multipurpose field, two grass fields, saunas, locker facilities, two gymnasia and a physiotherapy clinic.

A valid gym identification tag ($10 deposit) in addition to a gym membership, is required to use all facilities. Students receive a free membership as part of their student fees.


Since its 1965 inception, SFU's athletics program enriches Canada with a winning tradition second to none. The Clan demonstrated its excellence in the 19992000 season by securing a fourth consecutive Sears Director's Cup. The cup is awarded to the top athletic program within the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

Simon Fraser University, one of the few Canadian programs to compete in the NAIA and the CIAU, offers athletic financial awards to its student athletes along with excellent competitive opportunities.

Simon Fraser University Varsity sports programs for women include basketball, field hockey, soccer, softball, wrestling, swimming and diving, track and field, and volleyball. For men, our Varsity sports include golf, basketball, soccer, football, swimming and diving, track and field, and wrestling.

Recreational Programming

The Recreational Services programming is designed to meet all levels of aspiration and enhance skill development. Brochures are published, distributed and posted semesterly outside the Recreational Services Office, located on the first floor of Chancellor's Gymnasium Complex (room 110).

Aquatics - ongoing courses are offered in children's Red Cross lessons, adult learntoswim lessons, lap swimming, deepwater running, and advanced leadership courses.

Fitness - multilevel classes cater to a wide variety of individual needs and include specialty classes such as aquafit, hilow, step and personal training consultations. Instruction is also offered for CPR, first aid and instructor training.

Noncredit instruction - classes offer sequential instruction of up to 12 weeks in a large number of activities suited to varying levels of skill or fitness. Offerings include instruction in combatives, dance, racquet sports, scuba, yoga and several outdoor recreational activities.

Intramural sport - intramural activities are offered to all individuals with a valid gym membership. Participation varies from involvement in regular league schedules to special events and tournaments.

Student sport clubs - a variety of clubs are sponsored by Recreational Services & Athletics. Competitive clubs compete in local leagues and tournaments (some at an elite level) and noncompetitive clubs are available for groups with common interests.

Residence and Housing Office

On Campus housing for traditional residences, studios, townhouses, apartments: 226 Shell House, 778.782 4201 Tel, 778.782 5903 Fax,

There are several residences on campus.

McTaggartCowan Hall, Hamilton Hall and Louis Riel House offer rooms suitable for students with disabilities.

Every student entering a residence is required to sign a lease or a rental agreement. It is renewable, based on the completion of residence and housing admittance and eligibility policy requirements.

Information for on campus residences may be obtained from the Summit brochure, the Internet address shown above, or the Residence Office, 226 Shell House. Applications for Louis Riel House are accepted yearround. Traditional residences, studios and townhouse application dates begin as follows.

spring 2002 - September 19, 2001

summer 2002 - January 2, 2002

fall 2002 - March 1, 2002

Apply as soon as possible within the application period dates. As residence accommodation is limited, priority is given to applicants based on their permanent home address and the date that their completed application and accompanying fee are received by the Residence and Housing Office.

Note: An academic application to Simon Fraser University is not an application for residence accommodation. Also, an academic acceptance from the University is not an offer of residence.

Off Campus Housing

OffCampus Housing Office, 1502 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, 778.782 3731 Tel, 778.782 5506 Fax, Hours 1:30 - 4:30 pm,

This office maintains a current web listing of all types of housing available to students in the neighboring community. The services are free to students seeking accommodation. Listings are not inspected in any way. Landlords listing their accommodation are required to pay $10 per listing for two weeks of display.

While the staff welcome enquiries and will offer general guidance, users of this service must make their own final selection. For general information, please see www.sfu.ca/offcampushousing.

Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SF PIRG)

326 Transportation Centre, (604) 2914360 Tel, (604 2915338 Fax, www.sfu.ca/~sfpirg

The Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SF PIRG) is a nonpartisan, studentfunded and directed campus resource centre. We bring together students, staff, faculty and community groups to organize around issues of public interest, such as the environment and social justice.

All students, faculty and staff are invited to borrow books, clippings and magazines from our resource library. You can also volunteer in our various action groups and develop useful skills such as event planning, public speaking and desktop publishing. Drop by our offices and get involved.

Simon Fraser Student Society

2250 Maggie Benston Student Services Centre, (604) 291-3181 Tel, (604) 291-5843 Fax

SFSS and CFS Membership

Each SFU student is a member of the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) and the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). The SFSS is Local 23 of the CFS which is an alliance of nearly 400,000 students at over 55 student unions across the country. The SFSS works to improve student life at SFU and to fight for students' rights. Working with other student unions across the country through the Canadian Federation of Students, the SFSS works for accessible public education for all Canadians.

Structure and Representation

The Student Society is comprised of every student attending SFU. The Society operates on a democratic basis composed of departmental student unions which appoint a representative to the decisionmaking body of the Society called Forum. Every spring, students elect representatives from each department as well as six executive officers who are responsible for the day to day management of the Society.

The Society provides funding and administrative support for departmental student unions and graduate caucuses - the grassroots constituencies of the Student Society. Student unions and grad caucuses elect student representatives to departmental committees, provide opportunities for students to socialize, and organize projects. Working with a student union or grad caucus, students have a vote on vital issues ranging from course offerings to government funding of education.

Membership Dues

The SFSS collects semesterly fees and levies in order to fulfil its mandate of representing and servicing students. Each member of the society pays a membership due which funds the projects, services and advocacy of the society as well as paying for its space in the Maggie Benston Centre. Membership dues are also collected for the Canadian Federation of Students. All fees were first introduced through referendum, and voted on at one time or another by SFU students. SFSS and CFS membership dues are broken down as follows (subject to change):

Full Time Part Time

Simon Fraser Student Society $24.35 $12.18

(operations, governance and administration of the society including clubs, student unions and graduate caucuses)

SFSS (student refugee/WUSC) $0.50 $0.25

Building Fund $15.00 $ 7.50

CJSF radio station $3.00 $1.50

SFU Public Research Interest

Group (SF PIRG) $3.00 $1.50

Peak Newspaper $3.90 $1.95

Canadian Federation of Students $ 6.76 $ 3.38

The remainder of the student activity fee is collected by the University and disbursed to the following campus organizations: CJSF Radio; Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFP!RG); and the Peak.


The SFSS works on a number of important issues including: fighting university budget cuts to the SFU tutorial system; lobbying the provincial and federal governments to restore funding to education; improving transit service to SFU; ensuring a student voice in development plans for Burnaby Mountain; and fighting to maintain the current provincial freeze on tuition.

Student Resources
Legal Clinic

For questions that you need answered by a lawyer, the SFSS provides a free legal clinic every other Thursday afternoon. Make appointments through the SFSS general office. Free pamphlets with legal advice are also available in the SFSS executive office.


The SFSS Copy Centre, located MBC 2260, is a flexible, friendly environment which provides students with fast, cheap copying and printing services. The Copy Centre maintains many selfserve photocopiers across campus.

Women's Centre

The Women's Centre provides space to women on campus, and resources to both women and men. The Women's Centre consists of a 24 hour lounge, a resource office and extensive library. Campus men can access the library through catalogues housed at SFP!RG, and have access to referral and community information by phone. There is also a kitchen, microwave, free phone, and children's play area. New Collective members are always welcome and discussion groups, Wenlido and orientations are offered regularly so drop by TC 3013 to get involved.

Out on Campus

Out on Campus, the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered collective of the SFU provides resources and organizational support for the university community as well as advocacy and social events. Out on Campus is composed of people from SFU's communities, and the Collective welcomes all who want to become involved. Out on Campus is located in TC 314 (north) and can be reached at 778.782 -5933, or check out the web set at www.sfu.ca/out-on-campus.

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office is an independent and autonomous agency funded by students through the SFSS. The role of the Ombuds Office is to ensure that all members of the University community receive fair and equitable treatment. The Ombuds Office is located at MBC 2205, or you can call 778.782 4563 or email: ombudsoffice@sfu.ca.

Quad Books

Located at MBC 2260, your studentowned Quad Books carries school supplies at low prices, together with Express Post, transit tickets and passes, and a fax service. Quad Books also operates the popular "Book BuyBack" during the second week of exams where you can sell and buy used textbooks to save money.

Financial Aid and Employment
Pub Bursary

As part of the Student Society's ongoing work to make education more accessible for students, the SFSS allocates over $10,000 each year towards its Pub Bursary Program.

Simon Fraser Student Society

The SFSS provides many job opportunities for students at the Pub, Quad Books, the General Office and the Copy Centre. Job postings are displayed at the SFSS General Office as well as at Employment Services at MBC 1150.

Student Work Abroad Program

Administered by the Canadian Federation of Students, SWAP allows students to work and live in another country for up to two years. SWAP brochures are available at the Travel CUTS office at MBC 2270.


This spacious licensed facility can be booked for social events including concerts and fundraisers. In addition, the student society rents space to food service outlets including Mr. Sub and Koya Japan.

Catering Services

Catering is one of the most popular services that the SFSS provides to its members and everyone in the SFU community. Throughout the years many have come to depend on the excellent quality and reasonable prices to make meetings and conferences much more enjoyable.

Higher Grounds Coffee Bar

Your Student Society coffee bar is located directly across from the library and is a quickstop cappuccino bar with muffins, cookies, sandwiches, pizza, and lots of tasty togo items. Bring your own mug for a discount price.

Highland Pub

The SFSS Pub is a favourite with students and the sooner you check out this great location the better. In addition to quenching your thirst the Pub offers great meals for very reasonable prices. You can even relax with a drink on the outdoor patio and take in one of the best views of the Lower Mainland.

Statistical Consulting Service

K10513 Shrum Science Centre, (604) 2914670 Tel, www.math.sfu.ca/stats/statsconsulting.html

The service, a component of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, provides advice and assistance in the design of experiments, surveys, and analysis of all manner of data to university and community clients. Launched in 1980, the service draws on the expertise of mathematics and statistics faculty and graduate students. The SCS has a full time director who is a qualified statistical consultant. Initial consultation is free.

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