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Financial Assistance
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Continuing Studies

1300 Lohn Building, West Mall Complex, 778.782 5100 Tel, 778.782 3851 Fax,

Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre, 515West Hastings Street, Vancouver V6B 5K3, 778.782 5100 Tel, 778.782 5098 Fax,

Centre for Distance Education, 1300 Lohn Building, West Mall Complex, (604) 2913524 Tel, 18006631411 (toll free within BC), (604) 2914964 Fax, www.cde.sfu.ca


J.C. Yerbury BEd, MA, PhD (SFraser)

Associate Dean

A. Cowan BA (Tor), MA (Car)

A. Aberbach BA (Rutgers), MA (Miami), PhD (Florida), Program Director, Opera Studies and Seniors Program

V. Adams, Program Director, Program for the Non-profit and Voluntary Sector

J. Bearg BA (Tor), Program Director, Writing and Publishing Program

D. Bell BEd (Alta), MEd (Br Col), Program Director, Community Education Program

S. Burgess BBA (S Fraser), MBA (Br Col), Program Director, Business Programs

J. Collinge BA, MA, PhD (SFraser), Director, Centre for Distance Education

A. Cowan BA (Tor), MA (Car), North Growth Management Director of Programs, Wosk Centre for Dialogue; Associate Director, Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing

J. Cowan BA, PhD (Br Col), Program Director, Distance Education

C. Dunlop BA (Middlebury), MSc, PhD (Br Col), Program Director, Project Evaluation

P. Gallaugher BSc, DipEd (Br Col), PhD (SFraser), Program Director, Science Programs

H. Gauw BBA (The Hague), BA (Amsterdam), MEd (SFraser), Program Director, Distance Education

L. Goodall BA (Calg), Manager, Administration

J. Hsu MA (Kansas), Associate Program Director, Advanced Interpreter Program

A.D. Hungerford BA, MA (SFraser), Laboratory Instructor

C. Joyner BEd, MA (McGill), PhD (SAIDI, Philippines), Program Director, International Programs

C. Knight, Program Director, Information

W. Liu BA (Nankai), BA (Tenn), Program Director, Advanced Interpreter Program

K. McCaughan BA (Guelph), BSc (McM), MEd (Brock)

M. Nance BA, MA (Calif), Program Director, Public Policy Programs and Ting Forum

T. Nesbit BA (Open), MA (San Francisco State), PhD (Br Col), Director, Centre for Integrated and Credit Studies

J. Oberlander BA (Smith College), MS (Col), Program Director, City Program

N. Petersen BA (SFraser), Director, Centre for Community and Professional Programs; Program Director, Professional Programs

R. Price BGS, MA (S Fraser), Program Director, Integrated Studies Program

P. Southby, Program Director, Conference Services

Y. Tabin BGS, MA, PhD (SFraser), Program Director, Distance Education

L. Teles BA (Goethe, Frankfurt), MA (Geneva), PhD (Tor), Program Director; Distance Education

D. Tiefensee BA, MA (Br Col), PhD (S Fraser), Program Director, English Language and Culture Program

J. Whatley BA (Chapman Coll), MA, PhD (SFraser), Program Director, Distance Education

Y. Wosk BA (Br Col), MA (Yeshiva, NY), PhD (WLyon), PhD (Boston), Program Director, Interdisciplinary Studies

Extension Credit Program

Students seeking degree credit on a part time basis by either day or evening study are governed by the same regulations, have the same privileges, and follow the same admission and registration procedures as full time students. Relevant sections of this Calendar should be consulted concerning policies and procedures for admission, registration, academic programs available, program requirements, and current fees. Specific details regarding individual credit programs are available from faculties and departments.

Students pursuing certificates, diplomas, or minors who wish to study in the evenings or at Harbour Centre should consult with academic advisors at the Academic Resource Office (Burnaby campus) or Information and Registration Services (Harbour Centre campus), or with the certificate or diploma program advisor regarding the availability of courses in upcoming semesters. Proposed course scheduling is available for many programs on request.

Certificate Programs
Program Admission Requirements

Applied Human Nutrition (School of Kinesiology)

Computing Studies (School of Computing Science)

Health and Fitness Studies (School of Kinesiology)

Faculty of Arts

Chinese Studies (Certificate in Chinese Studies)

Criminology, General and Advanced (School of Criminology)

Family Studies (Certificate in Family Studies)

First Nations Language Proficiency (Department of Linguistics)

French Canadian Studies (Centre for Canadian Studies)

French Language Proficiency (Department of French)

Liberal Arts (Faculty of Arts)

Native Studies Research (First Nations Study Program)

Public History (Department of History)

Senior Citizens (Certificate for Senior Citizens)

Spanish Language Proficiency (Spanish Program)

Spatial Information Systems (Department of Geography)

Teaching ESL Linguistics (Department of Linguistics)

Urban Studies (Department of Geography)

Women's Studies (Department of Women's Studies)

Faculty of Education

Literacy Instruction

Faculty of Science

Actuarial Mathematics (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)

Post Baccalaureate Diploma Programs
Program Admission Requirements

Communication (School of Communication)

Computing Science (School of Computing Science)

Kinesiology (School of Kinesiology)

Faculty of Arts

Community Economic Development (Community Economic Development Program)

Criminology (Department of Criminology)

Ethnic and Intercultural Relations (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)

Gerontology (Gerontology Program)

Humanities (Humanities Program)

Public History (Department of History)

Social Policy Issues (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)

Teaching English as a Second Language (Department of Linguistics)

Urban Studies (Department of Geography)

Faculty of Education


Faculty of Science

Environmental Toxicology (Department of Biological Sciences)

Special Audit Student

The category of special audit student enables members of the community to access University credit courses as auditors. People interested in taking regular courses but who do not meet the general admission requirements or do not desire admission to the University may apply as special audit students. Such students attend courses but do not write final examinations or receive degree credit, record of attendance, or statement of standing.

Continuing Studies distributes a form which must be signed by the course instructor. Special audit fees (payable at the Cashier's Office) are calculated at one half the normal course fee. Special audit students may not change registration status after the semester has commenced.

Distance Education

Courses leading toward a certificate, diploma or degree program are available by distance education. Students may complete programs in part and, in some cases, entirely by distance education. The following programs are available completely or in part: certificate programs in applied human nutrition, community and economic development, criminology, computing studies, ethnic and intercultural relations, health and fitness studies, liberal arts; post baccalaureate diplomas in community economic development, early childhood education, education, criminology, gerontology, social policy issues, teaching English as a second language; major and/or minor degree programs in Canadian studies, criminology, education, English, kinesiology, psychology, sociology and anthropology. In addition, courses in archaeology, biological sciences, first nations, French, German, history, humanities, Japanese, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, political science, statistics, and women's studies are currently available.

Students registering in distance education courses are governed by the same regulations and follow the same admission and registration procedures as students taking other university credit courses. Simon Fraser University students can register in day, evening or distance education courses, or a combination thereof. In most cases, students are able to transfer some course credit from other post-secondary institutions to an SFU program listed in this Calendar, subject to specific program transfer credit regulations.

A booklet of courses and programs that are available by distance education, including admission and program requirements, is published each year. For more information or to receive a copy of this booklet telephone 778.782 3524; 1800-663-1411 (toll free in BC); e-mail cde@sfu.ca; or visit www.sfu.ca/cde

Off-Campus Programs

University credit courses in education applicable to the bachelor of education degree and to the post baccalaureate diploma program are available at various Interior centres. The Faculty of Education also offers the professional development program (teacher training) throughout the province. Interested students should contact the director of undergraduate programs, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University.

Professional Programs for Teachers

Credit courses in education are offered during the late afternoon and evening during fall, spring and summer semesters and in the evening from May to June (intersession) and during the day and evening from July to August (summer session). More information about this program is available from the education advisor, telephone 778.782 3488.

Graduate Degree Programs

The University offers graduate degree programs through evening study in arts (graduate liberal studies program), business administration, economics, education, English, and resource and environmental management. For program information consult appropriate sections in this Calendar.

Continuing Professional and Liberal Studies

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Table of Contents : searchable with the Find function in your web browser Course Database or Course Outlines
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Financial Assistance