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Latin American Studies Program

5053 Academic Quadrangle, (604) 2913518 Tel, (604) 2915799 Fax, www.sfu.ca/las

Graduate Program Director

J.A.C. Brohman BA (Car), MA, PhD (Calif)

Faculty and Areas of Research

M. Escudero - Spanish literature, 17th century colonial literature, Latin American modern theatre

G. Otero - economic and political sociology, Mexico, North America

A. Hira - economic development and policy, international relations, political economy and political science

Associated Faculty

R.E. Boyer, History

J.A.C. Brohman, Geography

R. Clapp, Geography

M. Gates, Sociology and Anthropology

J. Garcia*

R. Newton*


This program offers an interdisciplinary course of study and research leading to a master of arts degree in Latin American studies. It draws from approaches associated with both the social sciences and the humanities, exploring the interrelationships between cultural, socioeconomic, and political dimensions in the Latin American development process. It places a particular emphasis on contemporary Latin America as well as current trends toward globalization while recognizing the importance of understanding colonialism and the origins of the nation-state. Although most students will focus on the 20th century, the program welcomes students whose research interests encompass earlier historical periods.

Areas of Study
Latin American Economy and Society

Topics will be drawn from the following themes: national and world economic structures, processes, and policies; development theories and strategies; agrarian structures and environmental sustainability; labor markets, the informal economy and poverty; macroeconomics; the fiscal crisis and trans-national finance; neo-liberalism, free trade areas, and trans-national investment.

Latin American History and Culture

The historical genesis and transformation of Latin American cultures; ethnicity, race, class, and identity; gender and sexuality; Latin American literature and visual arts; and popular culture.

Latin American Politics and the State

Political regimes, state structures and processes; policy formation and political conflict; political parties, social movements and ideologies; democracy and human rights; global versus local influences in national political processes.

Admission Requirements

Admissions will be conducted on a biennial basis. Applicants must satisfy the Latin American studies graduate program committee that they are well prepared academically to undertake graduate level work in Latin American studies. see "Graduate General Regulations". for additional University requirements. As well as these, the program requires:

Acceptance into the MA program is conditional on the availability of a senior supervisor who may be selected only from Latin American studies and/or associated faculty.

MA Requirements

The student must complete the following minimum requirements.

Other Graduate Latin American Content Courses

The following may be acceptable in the MA program. Permission may be required from the departments in which these courses are offered and some courses may require prerequisites.

GEOG 770-4 Geography, Development Theory and Latin America

HIST 845-5 Latin America to 1825

HIST 846-5 Latin America since 1825

In addition, more broadly listed courses may be acceptable if focused on Latin America. However, credit is subject to their designation as full content Latin American courses by the Latin American studies graduate program committee. Some are:

CMNS 845-5 Communication Knowledge Systems and Development

ECON 855-4 Theories of Economic Development

GEOG 740-4 Geography and the Third World

POL 839-5 Government and Politics of Developing Countries

SA 850-5 Advanced Sociological Theory

SA 870-5 Advanced Anthropological Theory

Special Arrangements

Students seeking admission to a Latin American studies doctoral program may apply under the Special Arrangements provisions of the Graduate General Regulations section 1.3.4 (page 298).

Graduate Courses

LAS 800-5 Approaches to Latin American Studies

An annual interdisciplinary seminar taught by selected Latin American studies faculty examining core theoretical and substantive themes in Latin America.

LAS 815-5 Latin American Economy and Society


LAS 825-5 Latin American History and Culture


LAS 835-5 Latin American Politics and the State


LAS 851-5 Directed Readings in Latin American Studies

Directed readings in a selected field of study under the direction of a single faculty member. An annotated bibliography and a term paper is required.

LAS 898-0 MA Thesis

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