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Faculty of Education

8655 Multi Purpose Complex, (604) 2914787 Tel, (604) 2914320 Fax, www.educ.sfu.ca/gradprogs


R. Barrow BA, MA (Oxf), PhD (Lond)

Faculty and areas of research

see "Faculty of Education". for a complete list of faculty.

C.L. Amundsen - teaching development in higher education, on-line learning

H. Bai - philosophy of education, ethics and moral education, theories of knowledge, environmental philosophy, eastern thoughts

S. Bailin - drama education, philosophy of education, aesthetic education, critical thinking

R. Barrow - philosophy of education, moral philosophy, curriculum theory, teacher education

J.D. Beynon - multi-cultural/anti-racist and First Nations education, roles and identities of minority teachers, mainstream and minority teachers and administrators working together for inclusive education in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education

R. Case - social studies, critical thinking, law-related education

W. Cassidy - social studies, law education, citizenship education, curriculum development and assessment, at risk youth, the ethic of care

P.E.F. Coleman* - educational governance and particularly school boards, program and personnel supervision, policy processes, community involvement, educational finance, cost effectiveness

D.H. Dagenais - French language education, bilingualism, multi-lingualism, applied sociolinguistics, literacy, ethnography, educational change

S.C. de Castell - literacy, educational technology, educational equity, cultural studies, qualitative research, socio-cultural theory

K. Egan - curriculum, intellectual development

I. Geva-may - policy studies, policy analysis, policy evaluation, comparative policies, political cultures impact on policy making, disciplinary focus in recent years on policy of higher education, immigration, health care

P.P. Grimmett - teacher education and teacher development, curriculum development and implementation, educational leadership, teacher research

M. Hoskyn - learning disabilities and educational psychology

A.O. Horvath - family and couple's counselling, therapeutic relationships, attributional processes

L. Kanevsky - education of gifted children, educational psychology

C.B. Kenny - First Nations education, cultural studies, multicultural counselling, music therapy, human development and the arts, phenomenological and qualitative research

L. LaRocque - community, collaboration, ethic of caring, leadership, district-school relations, implementation of change, school reform, educational policy, teacher education

L.J. LeMare - social and emotional development, peer relationships and school adjustment in early childhood

A.M. MacKinnon - science education, teacher education, history and philosophy of science

C.M. Mamchur - theory and curriculum development, secondary English, the writing process, development of pre/in service training programs, learning styles, integration of drama, literature and narrative writing

J. Martin - psychology of education, counselling psychology, theoretical psychology

M. McClaren - environmental education, science education

A.A. Obadia - French education, second language learning, French immersion, applied linguistics, error analysis, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, multi media, bilingualism

T.J. O'Shea - mathematics education including curriculum development, problem solving, applications, and evaluation, large scale assessment and test development, teacher inservice education

D. Paterson - school counselling, groups, counsellor education, classroom communication

S. Richmond - visual arts education, aesthetic education

E. Samier - philosophy and theory of administration; knowledge and value theory; philosophy of leadership; concepts of free will as they relate to Max Weber and his comparative historical work on administrative systems

G.P. Sampson - teaching English as a second language; the origin and development of the scientific registers of the English language, philosophy of language

J.A. Scott - reading and language development, vocabulary instruction, cognition, early literacy, teacher education

Y. Senyshyn - philosophical analysis applied to creative live musical performance and aesthetic theory, problem of language applied to music, education and musical criticism

S. Smith - physical education, phenomenological inquiry, pedagogical theory, and children's play interactions

C. Snowber - movement education, physical education, phenomenological curriculum research, arts in education, embodiment and pedagogy, writing and the body, improvisational performance and teacher education, performative inquiry, spirituality and holistic education

J.H. Sugarman - theory and philosophy of applied psychology, research methods, counselling

J. Thompson - counselling, close relationships, career development, depression and gender

K. Toohey - minority language education, ethnography, socio-cultural theory, language and social context

J. Van Aalst - philosophy of science, computer-supported learning, qualitative research methodology, action research, metacognition, science curriculum; collaborative inquiry in science, tools for inquiry

S. Wassermann* - teacher education, curriculum and instruction, emphasis on curriculum and program development, instructional strategies, teaching for thinking, teaching by the case method

M. F. Wideen* - science education, curriculum evaluation and implementation, in-service and change in education, teacher education

P. H. Winne - educational psychology, metacognition and self-regulated learning, software tools that promote learning

B.Y.L. Wong - literature intervention for adolescents with and without LD, motivation and metacognition in students with LD

D. Zandvliet - education and technology, curriculum and science and environmental education, study of learning environments.

R. Zazkis - mathematics education

M. Zola - language and language learning, the language arts, story, storying and storytelling, narrative research, literature for children and young people, literary criticism, writing for children, learning and teaching, phenomenological inquiry, spiritual literacy, spiritual education


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Index : searchable with the Find function in your web browser Calendar.pdfs Office of the Registrar / SFU
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