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Faculty of Science

P9451 Shrum Science Centre, 778.782 4590 Tel, 778.782 3424 Fax,



W.S. Davidson BSc (Edin), PhD (Qu)

Associate Dean

R.W. Mathewes BSc (S Fraser), PhD (Br Col)

Director of Science Student Liaison and Alumni Development

J. Simms BA (New Br), MA (Wat)

Graduate Degrees Offered

Master of Environmental Toxicology

Master of Pest Management

Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy

General Regulations

see "Graduate General Regulations". for admission requirements, registration, residence requirements and degree completion time limits.


Requirements for the MSc Degree

The minimum requirements are those stated in the Graduate General Regulations (page 297). Any additional requirements imposed by the supervisory committee must be satisfied. Individual departments may require additional courses at the graduate level. Students who, in the opinion of the supervisory committee, lack certain prerequisites for graduate courses may be required to include some undergraduate courses in their programs.

Requirements for the PhD Degree

A PhD candidate must present a thesis embodying original research results. In addition, 15 credit hours beyond the BSc degree is required. Of these, at least 12 must be graduate courses and the remaining three may be chosen from graduate or upper division undergraduate level within the candidate's department or an ancillary department.

These are minimum faculty requirements. Individual departments may have additional requirements.

Full-Time Study

Full-time study for the MET, MPM, MSc, and PhD normally is a period of intensive work, during which not more than 20 hours of employment per week may be undertaken by the candidate. These refer to clock hours either at external employment off campus or employment on campus as a teaching assistant or research assistant performing specified duties not directly related to the candidate's program of study.

Supervisory Committee

For information on supervisory committees, see "Graduate General Regulations"..


The thesis must be presented and lodged in the University library. Details concerning the final form for binding are available from the library.

PhD Examinations

Examinations may be oral and/or written and all committee members must certify the results. see "1.9.4 Preparation for Examination of Doctoral Thesis". for further regulations.

Research Facilities

Faculty of Science research programs are housed in modern research laboratories and are serviced by a wide range of facilities and equipment. The research complement includes 149 faculty members, 60 postdoctoral fellows and research associates and 350 to 400 graduate students.

The facilities include a Molecular Beam Epitaxy facility, a Bruker FTIR-GC system, a number of NMR machines including a Bruker AMX 600 superconducting high field facility for 1H and other nuclei, a Hewlett Packard 5985 GC mass spectrometer with data station, amino acid analyser facilities for DNA synthesis and automated DNA sequencing and quadruple gas analyser. X-ray generators with vertical and full circle goniometers, various electron microscopes and high power lasers are available. There are also comprehensive machine, glassblowing and electronic workshops.

Biological research is enhanced by fresh and salt water aquarium facilities, insectary, extensive radioisotope facilities, an 11 metre research vessel, and various boat and vehicle transport systems. The Bamfield Marine Station on Vancouver Island's west coast, is available as a teaching and research facility for marine biology and oceanography. The marine station is operated jointly by the Universities of Alberta, British Columbia, Calgary, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria.

Experimental facilities are available at TRIUMF, a 500 MeV proton accelerator for the study, for example, of high energy nuclear reactions, muon chemistry and nuclear decay systems of exotic nuclei. TRIUMF is a joint venture of the University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and Carlton University.

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Financial Assistance