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The student is awarded a final grade at the end of the semester for each credit course. Each grade will appear on the student's record as a letter grade and numerical equivalent as follows.

Letter grade
Numerical equivalent

Excellent performance


Good performance


Satisfactory performance


Unsatisfactory performance (fail)


Aegrotat standing, compassionate pass

No equivalent



No equivalent


Course Challenge

No equivalent


Credit without grade

No equivalent


Deferred grade


Grade not reported

No equivalent


Did not write final exam or otherwise complete course


Satisfactory performance or better (pass, ungraded)

No equivalent



No equivalent

Note: Credit is granted for A+, A, A, B+, B, B, C+, C, C, P, D. CC, AE, CR. No credit is granted for F, N, DE, W. AU.

Scale Changes

In the first two semesters (653, 661), A and C+ grades were awarded; these grades were discontinued with the third (662) semester, as was the T (standing granted) grade. A and C+ were reestablished with the 673 semester, discontinued in 792 semester and reestablished in 793.

Prior to fall semester 1979, numerical equivalents assigned to grades differed from those given above as follows: A+ and A = 4.00; B+ and B = 3.00; C+ and C = 2.00.

Explanation of Grades/Notations

AE Grades

Aegrotat standing (AE) in an incomplete course may be awarded on medical or compassionate grounds by the registrar acting on the recommendation of the instructor or chair of the department concerned when written evidence is submitted to substantiate a request for such standing and when the course requirements for credit have been substantially fulfilled. This evidence normally must be received by the registrar or department within 96 hours of a scheduled final examination or within 96 hours of the last day of lectures of the semester for which such standing is requested. Courses for which aegrotat standing is awarded are not included in the calculation of grade point average.

AU Notation

Audit will be recorded as AU on a student transcript if the student fulfils the requirements agreed to by the student and the department at the time of registration. Minimally, these requirements should comprise regular attendance at class meetings, completion of readings and participation in class activities. Audited courses will not count towards degree requirements.

CC Grades

A student who has been registered for a course challenge is subject to an assessment equivalent to the final examination for the course plus an interview which may include an oral and/or practical examination, all to be arranged and approved by the chair of the department concerned. Departments are free to hold course challenge examinations at any time during the semester after the formal period of registration for course challenge. A performance equivalent to a grade of C or higher in the course is required for a successful course challenge.

The department concerned must submit a report to the registrar on or before the last day for submission of regular grades in the course for that semester indicating the final disposition for the course challenge in the semester. There is no provision for extension or deferral. Results will be recorded by departments as successful, unsuccessful or unattempted. Successful results will appear on transcripts of academic record and statements of standing with the entry CC in the grade column and with credit shown. At the end of semester, unsuccessful or unattempted results will not appear on transcripts of academic record or statements of standing but will be held by the Office of the registrar in internal records.

The grade of CC has no numerical equivalent and is not included in the calculation of grade point average. The grade of CC may not be applied in any way toward application for scholarships, bursaries or loans.

CR Grades

The grade of CR has no numerical equivalent and is not included in the GPA calculation. The CR grade may be assigned in certain special cases.

DE Grades

The grade DE will be given when a physician's certificate or other document substantiating a request for deferment on medical or compassionate grounds is received by the registrar or the chair of the department concerned within four days of the date from which the final examination was to have been written, or when the course instructor wishes to defer submitting a final mark pending completion of further work by the student. To be awarded, the DE grade must be submitted by the instructor and approved by the chair. All unchanged deferred grades will be converted automatically to F after the fifth day of classes of the semester immediately following the one in which the grade was awarded. In exceptional cases, an extension may be granted by the department chair upon petition by the student.

GN Notation

The notation GN (grade not reported) may be used if circumstances beyond the University's control make it impossible for course grades to be assigned. The notation has no numerical equivalent and does not affect either the semester grade point average (GPA) or cumulative grade point averages (CGPA). The dean of the faculty responsible for the course shall advise the registrar, in writing, that the notation GN is approved for a course or for a particular group of students in a course.

N Grades

The letter grade N is given when a student has registered for a course, but did not write the final examination or otherwise failed to complete the course work, and did not withdraw before the deadline date. An N is considered an F for purposes of scholastic standing.

A student receiving grade N must reregister for the course and participate in the course again, as required by the instructor, in order to achieve a different evaluation for the course.

P and W Grades

The grades of P and W have no numerical equivalent and do not affect either the SGPA or CGPA. The designation W will be given when a student withdraws (or is withdrawn) after the course drop period for a course graded on a pass (P) or withdrawn (W) basis.

WD and WE Notations

The notations WD and WE are not grades and do not affect either the GPA or CGPA. The notation WD identifies a course freely dropped by the student during weeks 4 and 5 of a semester. The notation WE identifies a course dropped by the student under extenuating circumstances normally during week 6 through to the end of week 12 of a semester. Extenuating circumstances are defined as unusual circumstances beyond the student's control which make it impossible for the student to complete the course. Different time periods are in effect for intersession and summer session. (For more complete details refer to see "Registration"..) For semester specific dates, refer to the Course Timetable and Exam Schedule.

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