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Mathematical Physics Program

Department of Physics, P8429 Shrum Science Centre, 778.782 4465 Tel, 778.782 3592 Fax

Department of Mathematics, 10512 Shrum Science Centre, 778.782 3331 Tel, 778.782 4947 Fax


Dr. B.J. Frisken BSc (Qu), MSc (Northwestern), PhD (Br Col), P8456 Shrum Science Centre, 778.782 5767

Mrs. M. Fankboner BA (Occidental), MSc (S Fraser), K10511 Shrum Science Centre, 778.782 4849

Dr. R. Choksi BSc (Tor), MS, PhD (Brown), 778.782 3379

This honors program is offered jointly by the Departments of Mathematics, and Physics. Graduates may do graduate work in mathematics or physics depending on the student's interest. Some additional work in either mathematics or physics may be required. Students must contact Dr. Frisken as soon as possible to schedule their programs.

Honors Program

Lower Division Requirements

Students must complete one of

CMPT 101-4 Introduction to Computer Programming

CMPT 102-3 Introduction to Scientific Computer Programming

and all of

MATH 151-3 Calculus I

MATH 152-3 Calculus II

MATH 232-3 Elementary Linear Algebra

MATH 242-3 Introduction to Analysis

MATH 251-3 Calculus III

MATH 252-3 Vector Calculus

PHYS 120-3 Modern Physics and Mechanics

PHYS 121-3 Optics, Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 131-2 Physics Laboratory I

PHYS 211-3 Intermediate Mechanics

PHYS 221-3 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 233-2 Physics Laboratory II

PHYS 234-3 Computers in Physics Laboratory

PHYS 285-3 Introduction to Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

STAT 270-3 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Upper Division Requirements

Students must complete all of

MACM 316-3 Numerical Analysis I

MATH 310-3 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

MATH 313-3 Differential Geometry

MATH 320-3 Advanced Calculus of One Variable

MATH 322-3 Complex Variables

MATH 418-3 Partial Differential Equations

and two of

MATH 332-3 Introduction to Applied Algebraic Systems

MATH 415-3 Ordinary Differential Equations

MATH 419-3 Linear Analysis

MATH 424-3 Applications of Complex Analysis

MATH 425-3 Introduction to Metric Spaces

MATH 438-3 Linear Algebra

MATH 439-3 Introduction to Algebraic Systems

MATH 470-3 Variational Calculus

and one of

MATH 361-3 Mechanics of Deformable Media

MATH 462-3 Fluid Dynamics

MATH 466-3 Tensor Analysis

and one of

MATH 309-3 Continuous Optimization

MATH 416-3 Numerical Analysis II

PHYS 395-3 Computational Physics

plus one additional course to be selected from the three groupings above.

and one of

MATH 471-3 Special Relativity

NUSC 485-3 Particle Physics

PHYS 490-3 General Relativity and Gravitation

and all of

PHYS 344-3 Thermal Physics

PHYS 384-3 Methods of Theoretical Physics I

PHYS 385-3 Quantum Physics

PHYS 413-3 Advanced Mechanics

PHYS 415-3 Quantum Mechanics

PHYS 425-3 Electromagnetic Theory

PHYS 445-3 Statistical Physics

and either both of

PHYS 355-3 Optics

PHYS 332-3 Optics Laboratory

or both of

PHYS 326-3 Electronics and Instrumentation

PHYS 331-3 Electronics Laboratory

and one of

PHYS 432-5 Undergraduate Honors Thesis

PHYS 465-3 Solid State Physics

PHYS 484-3 Nonlinear Physics

NUSC 442-3 Subatomic Physics

NUSC 485-3 Particle Physics

Other Requirements

Nine hours of electives outside the Faculty of Science (excluding EDUC 401 to 407) including six hours from the Faculty of Arts are required. Further electives in any division is required to total 132 credit hours. CHEM 102 and 103 should be taken in the electives. Further requirements for the BSc (honors) degree are in the Faculty of Science section.

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Index : searchable with the Find function in your web browser Calendar.pdfs Office of the Registrar / SFU
Table of Contents : searchable with the Find function in your web browser Course Database or Course Outlines
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