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Applied Human Nutrition Certificate Program

Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology | Faculty of Science
Simon Fraser University Calendar 2010-2011

This certificate is intended for professionals who are not dietitians nor nutritionists, but are concerned with health and wellness promotion such as nurses, kinesiologists, professional coaches and personal trainers, teachers, trained food service supervisors, dietary technicians, pharmacists and clinical psychologists. The certificate provides an enhanced understanding of the relationships among food, body composition, health, and human performance.

Please note that this certificate does not qualify the individual as a registered dietitian.

Admission is governed by the University’s admissions regulations. After University admission, submission of a completed program approval form to the kinesiology undergraduate advisor is required for formal acceptance in the program.

The certificate is normally completed within five years of admission to the certificate program.

Units applied to one certificate may not be applied to another certificate or diploma.

Program Requirements

Students must have a minimum 2.00 grade point average (GPA) calculated on all required courses.

Students complete one of

  • KIN 105-3 Fundamentals of Human Structure and Function*
  • KIN 205-3 Introduction to Human Physiology
  • KIN 208-3 Introduction to Physiological Systems

and all of

  • KIN 110-3 Human Nutrition: Current Issues*
  • KIN 111-3 Food and Food Safety*
  • KIN 212-3 Food and Society*
  • KIN 311-3 Applied Human Nutrition

and three of

  • GERO 302-3 Health Promotion and Aging†
  • GERO 407-3 Nutrition and Aging†
  • KIN 140-3 Contemporary Health Issues*
  • KIN 142-3 Introduction to Kinesiology*
  • KIN 143-3 Exercise Management*
  • KIN 303-3 Kinanthropometry†
  • KIN 312-3 Nutrition in Fitness and Sport*
  • KIN 342-3 Active Health*
  • KIN 375-3 Human Growth and Development*†
  • KIN 430-3 Human Energy Metabolism†
  • KIN 431-3 Environmental Carcinogenesis†
  • KIN 461-3 Physiological Aspects of Aging*

*available by distance education
†courses have additional prerequisites

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