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Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate Program

Faculty of Business Administration
Simon Fraser University Calendar 2011 Spring, Summer

Program Requirements

Students complete a minimum total of 24 units by completing both of

  • BUS 303-3 Business, Society and Ethics
  • BUS 393-3 Commercial Law

and a minimum of 18 units by completing a minimum of three of *

  • BUS 403-3 Seminar in Business and Society
  • BUS 449-3 Ethical Issues in Marketing
  • BUS 453-3 Sustainable Innovation
  • BUS 467-4 Social Perspectives on Information Systems
  • BUS 489-4 Management Practices for Sustainability

and a minimum of two of *

  • ECON 260-3 Environmental Economics
  • ECON 355W-4 Economic Development
  • ECON 362-4 Economics of Natural Resources
  • EVSC 200-3 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • GEOG 100-3 Society, Space, Environment: Introducing Human Geography
  • GEOG 102-3 World Problems in Geographic Perspective
  • GEOG 221-3 Economic Geography
  • GEOG 322-4 World Resources (or GEOG 322W)
  • GEOG 385-4 Agriculture and the Environment
  • GEOG 389W-4 Nature and Society
  • PHIL 120W-3 Introduction to Moral Philosophy
  • PHIL 319W-3 Applied Health Ethics (or PHIL 31W9 or HSCI 319W)
  • PHIL 320-3 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 321-3 Topics in Moral Philosophy
  • PHIL 421W-4 Advanced Topics in Ethical Theory
  • POL 342-4 Developing Countries in Global Politics
  • POL 373-4 Human Security
  • REM 100-3 Global Change
  • REM 311-3 Applied Ecology and Sustainable Environments
  • REM 356-3 Institutional Arrangements for Sustainable Environmental Management
  • SA 363-4 Processes of Development and Underdevelopment (S or A)
  • SA 371-4 The Environment and Society (S or A)

and completion of a minimum of one of the following approved experiential or service learning components.

  • co-operative education work term focused on areas related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and/or sustainability*
  • 25 hours minimum of voluntary or salaried work within a social enterprise, charitable organization, company, corporation, or non-profit organization in a role related to CSR and/or sustainability*
  • 25 hours minimum as a research assistant for a professor focusing on areas related to CSR and/or sustainability*
  • 25 hours minimum in other Faculty-approved activity areas related to CSR and/or sustainability*

Before beginning this requirement, prior approval from the Director, Faculty of Business Administration, is recommended by submitting a detailed outline of their activity.

Upon completion of the experiential component, students will submit to the faculty

  • a description (written by either the student or the organization) of the organization and the student's role in the organization, signed and validated by the employer/supervisor
  • a reflective 500 word essay about the student's work/volunteer experience that identifies key CSR experiences and how that influenced their current thinking about the implications of business practice on society. The essay will be graded pass/fail.

*with permission of the Faculty of Business Administration, substitutions with appropriate course content are possible

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