SFU Calendar 2001-2002

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Financial Assistance
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Table of Contents
University Telephone Numbers
Programs Offered
Academic Calendar of Events
Academic and Campus Services
Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre
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Undergraduate Studies
General Information
Pgs21-26.pdf (112K)
Admission and Readmission Pgs27-37.pdf (424K)
General Regulations
Undergraduate Fees
Pgs38-47.pdf (236K)
Undergraduate Financial Assistance Pgs48-109.pdf (1.9M)
Faculty of Applied Sciences (undergraduate) Pgs110-122.pdf (528K)
Faculty of Arts (undergraduate) Pgs123-176.pdf (2.3M)
Faculty of Business Administration (undergraduate) Pgs177-181.pdf (220K)
Faculty of Education (undergraduate) Pgs182-186.pdf (212K)
Faculty of Science (undergraduate) Pgs187-209.pdf (1.1M)
Continuing Studies
Co-operative Education
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Undergraduate Courses Pgs214-292.pdf (1.7M)
Graduate Studies
Graduate General Regulations
Graduate Fees
Financial Aid for Graduate Students
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Faculty of Applied Sciences (graduate) Pgs314-327.pdf (404K)
Faculty of Arts (graduate) Pgs328-353.pdf (892K)
Faculty of Business Administration (graduate) Pgs354-359.pdf (196K)
Faculty of Education (graduate) Pgs360-366.pdf (224K)
Faculty of Science (graduate) Pgs367-378.pdf (448K)
Centres and Institutes
Governing Bodies and Faculty
Academic Year
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Campus maps Pgs389-390.pdf (1.1M)
Index Pgs391-400.pdf (1.2M)