Hello and welcome to Career Services! My name is Michael. I have recently returned to SFU after a long absence and am registered in the Post Baccalaureate Diploma program in Counselling and Human Development in the Education faculty.

In my previous life at SFU, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Communications back in 1990. Since then, my career has included most recently running a photography business, and before that, work in marketing and arts administration, business development and writing business plans, fundraising in education and health care, as well as running an international trading business in Eastern Europe. In other words, I am a living example of someone who has shifted careers multiple times and witnessed the dramatic changes in our ever-changing work world.

Aside from my varied jobs, I have always had an interest in the helping professions, particularly counselling psychology. As a volunteer on the Vancouver Crisis Line, I saw first hand the need and value of helping people. As a mature student, I am thoroughly enjoying being at SFU and am considering moving into the Master’s program in Counselling Psychology.

Aside from school, my life is busy running my photography business part-time, raising two kids (9 and 13 years) with my wife, and playing guitar and piano and singing in my band.

In addition to being a Career Peer, I am also a Senior Peer Coach in Student Engagement & Retention. Essentially, I provide mentorship, training and support to Peer Coaches to enhance SFU’s Peer Education program.

It’s my hope that with my career and life experience, I will be able to help you with your transition from school to work, including resumes, cover letters, and your online presence. I look forward to meeting you.