My name is Sukhdip Gill. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in criminology at Simon Fraser University. I come from a background in commercial refrigeration and construction.

When I am not working or in school, I love being outdoors. I am an avid fan of the Stanley Park Seawall. I also enjoy going on various hikes as we are blessed with a beautiful landscape in British Columbia. I take part in the Vancouver Sun Run every year consistently trying to beat my previous time.  Recently I took part in my first half-marathon in May 2019.

I enjoy seeing others around me finding their passion and succeeding in their respective fields. As individuals around you discover their passion, it creates a positive atmosphere and encourages others around you to do the same. I hope to contribute to such an atmosphere at SFU Career and Volunteer Services.

Career and Volunteer Services have a wide array of assistance to offer for students. We look forward to seeing you.