Hey There! My name is Francis Mercurio I am a Psychology Major and a Business minor. I am a Former Youth Facilitator for the Immigrant Services Society and have been mentoring and coaching students for more than 3 years.

I consider myself a socially outgoing person, talking and helping people has always been a fulfilling experience and getting to know people. In my free time I enjoy listening to podcast and audiobooks about history and culture.

Like many students, I had difficulty in deciding which career path was for me and often undecided in choosing a career that would make me feel fulfilled. University can be overwhelming with balancing gaining experience, academics and maintaining a social life the first years proved challenging. In the end, it came down to believing in one’s abilities and recognizing our strengths and weaknesses and not being afraid to ask questions.

Psychology as a major offers a diversity of opportunities and possible career pathways, for three years I have been in this program and during that time I’ve learned of the different advantages a student can use to fully realize their career goals. So if you have any questions regarding gaining experience in the field or even how to apply for positions that relate to psychology. Feel free to drop by!