Hello everyone!

My name is Minh Anh Hoang or you can me as Mina for short. I am a first-year business student at SFU.

Over the past few years, despite the school’s heavy workload, standardized test preparation and college admission application, I have always set time to participate in extracurricular activities and do volunteering. 

Last year, I acknowledged the need to promote academic spirits among students, so I set out to organize the first General Knowledge Challenge. The combination of “education” and “entertainment” inspired me to design a series of challenges to help make every student into a scholar in his or her own way, helping to celebrate the diversity in our student body. For the first time at school, the voice of everyone was raised and the talents of all were celebrated. Such an eye-opening competition uplifted the learning spirit among students and even reshaped the perspective of many teachers whose minds had been deeply embedded in the traditional lecture-style models.

Also, I did a lot of debating and competed in various competitions for the past 2 years. In April 2017, I became the first-runner up of Debate Tournament 2017: Inviolacy, Viet Nam and in May 2017, my team was announced to be the Debate Champion of World Scholar’s Cup, Regional Round 2017.  

But those achievements did not end my debate journey as someone once told me that the only way for us to continue our presence beyond its expiry is to carry our lives into others. That’s why I stopped competing to go for teaching and passing my knowledge to the juniors at my school’s Debating Club.

That is the reason why I apply for Career Peer Educator, I want to use my knowledge and help other find their future path and best prepare for it. Looking forward to meeting all of you!