Hello! My name is Sharrie, I am in my third year at SFU studying Kinesiology in the Faculty of Science. 

Before coming to SFU, I was at Langara College for 2 years and received a Diploma in Kinesiology. I have always been interested in the human body, such as anatomy and physiology (as difficult as it was to memorize for exams) I found the subject interesting. 

I find the subject fascinating as it is essentially our own bodies. I want to be able to understand how it works and learn about other aspects that affect the body. Such as nutrition for a healthy diet, psychology on how the mind works, and ergonomics on how things are created for efficiency and comfort. However, I wanted to further my knowledge and education, and so I came to SFU. 

My career goal is to become a Pedorthist, with my academics and interest in the human body and health, I hope to achieve this goal in the future. 

Outside of school, I love to watch movies, go shopping, play with my pet hamster and 1 year old puppy, and draw.

I am very passionate about art, I love drawing, painting, and photography. As a Kinesiology student, I should be going to the gym to get fit, but instead, I like to draw during my free time. Sharing my passion is important and I have done so by volunteering at both the Vancouver and Burnaby Art Gallery for children's summer camps and family events. It is fun to see the imagination and creativity that children have, which fuels my own as well.