Hi there!

My name is Shiela Mae Madriaga. I am in my fourth year at SFU studying in the Life Sciences stream in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

It has been a long four years and yet, I still don't expect to graduate any time soon. I am trying to achieve all the required courses not only for my major degree in Health Sciences but also my minor degree in Kinesiology. All of this is to set me up for pursuing my career goal of becoming a pediactric nurse. I have come to realize my career goal after working in summer camps for almost a decade and volunterring at immunizations with babies.

Over the years I have been in SFU, I have grown to be part of the community. Working at the SFU bookstore and Career and Volunteer Services, volunteering as a career peer educater and peer mentor and even starting a club called Variety for Tomorrow with the friends that I have made at SFU. Becoming a Career Peer Educator has opened up these opportunities for me. If I didn't do these then I guess I would have had a lot more time to do anything but I do not regret the decisions I have made.