Hi there! My name is Shiela Mae Madriaga, I am in my third year at SFU studying in the Life Science stream in the Faculty of Health Science.

Right after graduating, I came to SFU in hopes to pursue a career in the STEM field but specifically, a career that helps others. I want to be able to figure out why a person is hurt and how to help them. Being in Health Science enables me to understand the causes of diseases and figuring out ways to counter it. Studying about biology and how the body functions help me get closer to answering those questions.

My career goal is to become a pediatric nurse. With my passion for helping children and being interested in the science and medical field, I hope to achieve this goal in the near future.

Apart from school, I enjoy the art in theatres, dance, and singing. Entertaining is what I enjoy doing and putting smiles to faces like children or even my hamster and puppy. Volunteering and getting the opportunity to work at children’s summer camps, festivals and recreational activities confirmed my goal and pushes me to reach it.