Connect with People

Connecting with people who do work that interests you is a critical part of both career development and work search. There's no one better to give you insight, information and advice about their field.

Social Media / LinkedIn

Social media can be a very effective tool to find people who work for organizations that interest you, or to learn how alumni came to be in a career you desire

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Networking On Campus

Attend events on campus to connect with potential employers, volunteer organizations, grad schools and professional programs

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Networking Off Campus

Seek out as many opportunities to meet people in your field as possible - and this often means looking beyond campus 

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Information Interviews

Possibly the best work search technique, an information interview helps you gain valuable information to launch or boost your career.

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Professional Associations

Use our  What Can I Do with a Degree In...? tool to identify relevant industry associations. Join as a student member, or better yet volunteer!


Professional Mentorship Programs

A mentor can help you make connections and provide you with advice, information and tools for career exploration and work search

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