How to do an information interview

Do some research

Research the person you will be speaking with, using tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter or searching their name online. Also learn as much as you can about their organization and industry.

Questions to ask

You may already have a few questions in mind, but we also recommend trying an approach from Steve Dalton's "2-Hour Job Search" called TIARA. It provides a useful framework to guide your conversation. 

During the interview

Be curious, enthusiastic and interested - first impressions are important! Listen carefully and take some notes. 

Stick to the time you requested (20-30 minutes).  

Before you leave, make sure to exchange contact information/business cards with your contact.

After the interview

Send a note or email thanking them for their time, and mention anything that was a highlight for you. 

Connect on LinkedIn and let them know you followed up with the people they recommended. Keep your contact informed of your progress, and any significant milestones in your career, such as graduation or your first job.

Remember, your contacts aren’t just useful for their one-time advice - they may be your future advocates or mentors! Look for opportunities to give back, even if it's just sharing an interesting article. Networking is all about building those mutually beneficial relationships.