Jobs on campus

Working part time while you study not only gives you a paycheque, it allows you to discover and develop interests, meet others and learn what you like and don't like.  You will also build important employability skills such as time management, problem solving, communication and teamwork skills.

There are many different opportunities on campus, from working in a research lab, acting as a campus tour guide or providing customer service in a restaurant.  Most openings will require a resume: meet with us to learn how to write a targetted resume for each position. 

If you have the choice to apply online or in person, meeting the hiring manager face-to-face with a smile and a firm handshake is always the best option.


MyExperience lists student jobs, as well as events and volunteer opportunities, both on and off campus


GetInvolved is a complete listing of paid and volunteer opportunities for students at SFU.  Apply at

Jobs on Campus

SFU Opportunity Application information Types of roles and skills to develop
The Peak Newspaper Ongoing, but most hiring is done in July Writing, editing, art, production
Bookstore Ongoing, but most hiring is done in June  Customer service, stocking shelves
CJSF Radio Ongoing Production, Promotion, Organization
Recreation  Every semester Aquatic, Climbing, Fitness, Instructional programs, promotion & marketing, rec sports 
Residence & Housing  Recruitment starts in January and is ongoing Community Advisors, Area Coordinators, and
Orientation Leaders
Faculties & Departments Ongoing  Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant 
Student Temp Pool Human Resources Ongoing Part time, short term and continuing positions in various locations on campus
Library Most hiring is done at the end of each semester Stocking shelves, returns, customer service
Student Safety Program - Security Ongoing, apply in person Community Presence, Theft prevention, Safety Audit, Speed Watch, Auto Theft Prevention, Lost & Found and Information, Bike Presence
Work-Study program Financial Aid Application deadlines
Apply online
Students with demonstrated financial need can earn a supplemental income doing research-based projects 
Academics First Tutors Ongoing Tutoring student athletes and Indigenous students
Student Society - SFSS  Ongoing Adminstration and organization
Dining Services (DAC, Dining Hall, Cafeterias, Starbucks, Tim Hortons) Ongoing Customer service, food service 
The Study Public House  Currently Closed Customer service, kitchen roles
Renaissance Coffee Ongoing, drop off resume in person Customer service, kitchen roles
Guadalupe Taqueria (MBC Food Court) Ongoing, drop off resume in person Customer service, kitchen roles
Bubble Waffle (MBC Food Court) Ongoing, email resume to Customer service, kitchen roles
Pasta Polo Express (MBC Food Court) Ongoing Customer service, kitchen roles
Blenz (SUB) Most hiring is done at the beginning of Fall and Spring Semester Customer service, Barista

UniverCity (Shops, Services and Food Outlets)

Central City (Mall) - Surrey Campus

Ongoing  Customer service, retail, food outlets

Campus Employer videos 

Some of our campus employers discuss the types of jobs available, what makes a successful candidate and how to apply

CJSF Radio Station

Nesters Market

Student Campus Safety Program

Work Integrated Learning

SFU Student Society (SFSS) 

SFU Recreation and Athletics

SFU Dining Services

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