Online Portfolio

Your portfolio site demonstrates your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. For students looking to get into a creative field, a portfolio is critical.

But a portfolio isn’t just for design, photography or writing – its popularity is growing across industries. Think about uploading course projects, art work, writing samples, lab reports or other relevant work evidence to your site.  

If you already have an online portfolio, delete any old materials that no longer represent your current skill levels and career aspirations. Projects or materials that are too dated often represent a skillset that you can no longer transfer to current career goals. Starting with a fresh collection of current projects shows you are utilizing skills that are beneficial to your future career. 

When creating a portfolio for jobs in the creative field, there is a wider range of options in regard to what is considered appropriate material. Blog posts, academic essays and artwork are all items that can be included in your portfolio because they show creative expression. If you have a larger online presence, including your Instagram or Facebook acount with graphics and images you've created can amplify your portfolio in terms of creative experience. 

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