Resume checklist

Use this checklist to be sure employers will take notice of your resume and that it reflects your strengths and experience.


  • Have I used a personal letterhead that is unique, with easy to find key contact information?
  • Is my name clearly visible on every page?
  • Is the text (font and size) easy to read?
  • Is there enough white space?
  • Does the order of headings reflect what is most important to the position?
  • Is my formatting consistent?
  • Will my resume stand out in a pile?


  • Have I considered the employer’s perspective?
  • Have I shown the employer I can do the job?
  • Do my bullet points include details about the quality and impact of my past work - the “So what?”


  • Can I say the same thing with fewer words?
  • Is it free of spelling and grammar errors?
  • Have I asked someone to proofread it and offer feedback?