Analyze the Job Posting

"Once you have decided which job posting to apply to, [truly think about the transferable skills] that you have acquired and how you can bring them into the role, career, and the organization in which you are interested in applying."

  Vicky Cabral, BMO Senior Manager, SFU Career Conversations

Research & Reflection

What is most important to the employer?

The job posting provides clues about what is most important to the employer.  Look in the qualifications, duties and summary sections, and use this table to identify the overlap between the job posting and your assets. 

Identify your strengths

Which of your strengths, skills and experiences overlap with the employer's wish list? Draw from your paid and volunteer work, as well as school and personal life. Which of your attributes set you apart from other candidates? This is what you focus on when customizing your resume.

Tips for deconstructing a Job Posting!

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