Admission Requirements 2020-21

In Fall 2019, we changed how we evaluate admission for BC high school applicants.  Our goal remains to identify high school students who demonstrate the potential to be successful in their program of choice at SFU. Our new admission process values and considers all approved courses completed by a student in grade 11 and 12.

What changed?

The new model is flexible, looks at a minimum of five grade 12 courses, and takes into account all courses students have taken from the approved lists.

  • English 12 with a minimum final blended grade of 70%
  • Approved course lists include List A and List B courses:

- List A: Highly valued courses in the admission evaluation, as they are strong indicators of student success: courses are either required or recommended
- List B: Valued courses in the admission process for their breadth across disciplines

  • Evaluation uses a minimum of five Grade 12 courses, including English 12, from our approved course list
  • The admission evaluation based on all Grade 11 and 12 courses taken from our approved course list

Frequently asked questions

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Admission Compass

The Admission Compass is a guide to help you determine what programs you are eligible to apply for. Because admission requirements are complex and interrelated, it may not cover every set of circumstances. 

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Planning for Fall 2021 admission (see more)

General admission requirements

  • English Language requirement
  • English Studies 11
  • Language 11
  • Science 11
  • Approved Math 11 or 12, with minimum grade of 60%
  • Social Studies 11 or 12
  • Graduate from high school

Program-specific requirements

See admission requirements.