Ciência sem Fronteiras

The Canada-Brazil Ciência sem Fronteiras Scholarship Program - also known as the Science Without Borders Program - provides funding for Brazilian students pursuing undergraduate studies in Brazil to study at a Canadian university for a full year. At SFU, this year is comprised of:

  • 2 terms of full-time academic study, followed by
  • 1 term of a research or internship placement, registered through SFU's Co-operative Education Program

The information on this webpage pertains to undergraduate students. If you are a PhD or post-doctoral student interested in studying at SFU through CsF, please see the CsF webpage on the Dean of Graduate Studies site.

Academic Options

Please see our Academic Information webpage for information on your study options at SFU. Please note the Restricted Courses and Subjects that will apply.

While SFU offers the flexibility for you to take courses from a variety of disciplines, you are responsible for ensuring that your course selection meets the criteria for the CsF program.

Eligibility and Application

You may be eligible to apply under this program if you:

  • are a Brazilian citizen (or permanent visa holder) and reside in Brazil
  • are eligible to apply for the Ciência sem Fronteiras Scholarship Program (more info below)
  • meet the minimum academic and English language requirements of the undergraduate program to which you wish to apply at SFU
In order to participate in the CsF Program at SFU you must apply as follows:
  1. Apply for the CsF program in Brazil. For more information please see the Ciência sem Fronteiras website.
  2. If you are awarded a scholarship through the CsF program to study in Canada, you will receive an invitation from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) to apply to Canadian universities.
  3. Complete the application form and include SFU as one of your preferred institutions.
  4. SFU will review your application to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible you will be given further instructions directly by SFU.

As a CsF student, you will be admitted to SFU through the International Services for Students office and will have the support of this office throughout your time at SFU. This includes assistance with course enrollment for your first term, participation in our GPS Buddy Program, participation at Exchange/Study Abroad Orientation, and a variety of other workshops and resources.

The information provided in various sections of the Exchanges to SFU website should address many of the questions you will have (accommodation, academic options, etc). The information on immigration documents, however, will vary for CsF students. If selected, CBIE will provide specific advice on the immigration documents and procedures appropriate for CsF students.


If you have any questions about the Canada-Brazil Ciência sem Fronteiras Scholarship Program, please contact

If you have any questions about studying at SFU through the Ciência sem Fronteiras Program, please contact