Tax Information (T2202A)


(Spring, Summer, Fall terms)

Includes payments up to
12 February 2010
Duplicates - self-serve at the Student Information System  Nil
If payments were made after 12 February 2010 Email to request an amendment be generated for downloading
Duplicates - self-serve at the Student Information System. If you no longer have access to the system, please visit the Registrar and Information Services counter at any of our three campuses and we will print a duplicate for you, or email your request to


What is a T2202A?

T2202As are tuition tax receipts issued to all students who paid tuition for courses in the previous calendar year. These show the amount of tuition that can be deducted for income tax purposes as well as the number of months eligible for the education deduction. For more information on filing your income tax return, please go to Revenue Canada's P105 Students help page.

How do I get my T2202A?


  • To print your T2202A, sign in at goSFU . Tax data for the previous seven years are available.
  • For the purpose of printing tax forms, SFU Computing IDs do not expire.
  • If you require additional copies of the tax forms for parents or accountants you must print them from that page.
  • Forgot your password?  Call 778-782-3234 (Option 2 or Front Desk) or email


  • To print your T2202A, log in at goSFU. Tax data for the previous seven years are available.
    For the purpose of printing tax forms, SFU computing IDs do not expire.
  • Alumni who have forgotten their password can ask for it to be reset: email
  • Not a current student, not alumni? You may request your T2202A(s) be mailed to you. Include in request your full name, SFU student ID, years for which you require a T2202A, and a mailing address:  email your request to  Please allow a 7 day turnaround for requests received via email.  If you require your tax slips immediately, please go to any SFU campus (Surrey, Burnaby or Vancouver) and have the Registrar and Information Services counter staff print your T2202A while you wait.

Printing your online T2202A

  • Log in to goSFU with your SFU ID and password
  • Click "T2202A Data"
  • Click the tax year of interest in the search result section.
  • From the T2202A Data page, click "Printer-friendly T2202A".
  • A printer-friendly T2202A should appear in a separate window (with the Canadian flag and "Canada Revenue Agency" at the top left corner). If this window does not appear, please go to your web browser preferences to allow pop-ups (you can allow them temporarily or just for specific sites).

Having trouble getting your T2202A?

Possible fixes to try first:

  • If you've logged in and viewed your form but can't print, the computer you're using may be behind a firewall for security, so try a different computer in a different location.
  • Check that you have Javascript enabled in your browser's properties/preferences, at least while you're getting your form.
  • If you can log in but can't see the T2202A information, quit your browser, reopen it and clear your cache, then try logging in to goSFU again.

If you receive an error message, please email a screenshot of the message to

If none of those solutions has worked, contact us at

Will SFU send me the T2202A by email?

No. Log in to goSFU to print your T2202A.

Can SFU give the T2202A information to my parents/accountant/income tax preparer?

We will only disclose a student's tax information to another individual provided that we receive written/faxed authorization from the student authorizing the release of their tax information to that individual. Under no circumstances will any information about the student be released to another individual without first receiving this authorization.

Am I still considered a full time student during a Co-op work term?

According to the CRA a student enrolled in a co-op term (and taking no classes) is considered neither a full time nor part time student. CRA regulations require SFU to report "0" months on the T2202A tax form when a student is enrolled only in co-op during a term.

I am a student with disabilities enrolled part-time. Where do I get more information on making a full-time claim?

According to Canada Revenue Agency a student is also considered a full-time student if they were enrolled in a qualifying education program, attended only part-time, and are eligible for the disability tax credit for the year.

I paid a deposit fee but will not be attending SFU until next year. Do I get a T2202A?

No. Deposits are not eligible expenses for T2202A purposes unless you have actually attended classes. If you paid an admission deposit and then declined your offer of admission, you will not receive a T2202A.

I am an international student. Why do I need a T2202A?

SFU is required to report this information to all students to enable them to complete their Canadian income tax returns.

As a resident of Canada you are required to file a Canadian income tax return. The T2202A is a tax receipt for the tuition you have paid that can be used as a deduction against income you may have earned while in Canada. Your employer issues a T4 for salaries or wages you have earned while in Canada. The University issues a T4A for scholarships, bursaries or other monetary awards you received during the calendar year.

If you have not received any income in Canada during the calendar year, you may be able to use the T2202A against income you or your parents received in your home country. Contact an income tax professional or International Services for Students for more information.

I am a US student: what is SFU's IRS number?

SFU's IRS number is 30-0505256.

Where can I get more information on the T2202A?

Canada Revenue Agency websites:

If I made a payment after December 31, how do I get an updated version of the T2202A?




(Spring, Summer, Fall terms)

Includes payments up to 22 February 2019 Duplicates - log in to goSFU   Nil
If payments were made after 22 February 2019
Email to request an amendment be generated for downloading


In compliance with Canada Revenue Agency legislation, tax records are not needed or available after seven (7) years.

Is my SIN number required on the T2202A?

For the tax reporting year 2019, all students' Social Insurance Number (SIN) will need to be included on their Form T2202A. Your SIN may be updated at goSFU. (Visit the Government of Canada's Apply for a SIN site if you need to apply for a SIN.) 

To whom at SFU can I direct T2202A inquiries?

Please call the helpline at 778.782.6930 or email If you email us, be sure to include your name, student number, current mailing address, and the year you require.