SFU in film and television

SFU has become the HALO academy, CIA and FBI Headquarters, a courthouse, several hospitals, an advanced race's planet, as well as various corporate headquarters and schools.

The campus has been a set for various films including Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, Underworld Awakening, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Personal Effects, Two for the Money, Agent Cody Banks, The Sixth Day, and Anti-Trust.

It's also been used in several television shows including iZombie, The FlashFallen, Kyle X/Y, Masters of Science Fiction, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Millennium, and X-Files. You may also recognize SFU in various commercials including Lexus (at the 33 second mark).

Looking to film on campus? See www.sfu.ca/fs/Services/Burnaby/Filming-On-Campus.html

A&W Canada offered food at several campuses including SFU in the fall of 2015.

Full commercial viewable on Facebook.

(screenshot from A&W commercial)SFU students appear in fast food commercial, fall 2015.
iZombie - St. Thomas HospitalPhoto by Martin Ouellet, 2014

iZombie on Burnaby campus   More

The Flash shoots in SFU Surrey's The WestStone Group Grand HallPhoto by AAMerchant 2014

The Flash on Surrey campus   More

Lexus commercial shot at SFU swimming pool(screenshot)

Lexus used our swimming pool (Look for us at 33 seconds in.)

AQ at SFU redressed for Halo web series
Convocation Mall filming - Halo
Moving sets around for Halo web series

When it was setting up and filming in 2012, it was listed as a shoot for a tv pilot, but it was a shoot for the Halo webseries, HALO: Forward Unto Dawn. (See more photos, information.)
See the Official HALO trailer on YouTube

Underworld 4: Awakening

"Underworld 4" filmed at SFU during winter 2010/11 with Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, and India Eisley. (See more photos.)

Elevator to Antigen for Underworld Awakening
Lycen mural for Underworld Awakening
Stuntwoman double for Kate Beckinsale - for Underworld Awakening

The Day the Earth Stood Still

SFU transforms into a Military Academy in the 2010 thriller staring Keanu Reeves. More

The Day the Earth Stood Still nightshot at SFU


Halpern Centre becomes a courtroom while filming "Personal Effects". More

"Personal Effects" used Halpern Centre at SFU


Paul Wesley stars as a prophet born to restore abandoned angels to paradise. More

"Fallen" filmed at SFU

Kyle X/Y

"Kyle XY" was a scifi drama about a teen boy with no past and no memory. More .

Gym used for Kyle X/Y

Battlestar Galactica

SFU's West Mall Complex is transformed into the ruined Delphi Museum. More

Battlestar Galactica leaves SFU in rubble

Agent Cody Banks

SFU morphs into CIA Headquarters for Agent Cody Banks. More

SFU's Transportation Centre as CIA recruiting offices

The Sixth Day

Hopkins/Leung Conference & Research Centre in the film, The Sixth Day. More

Schwarznegger's The Sixth Day transforms SFU.

Stargate SG-1

SFU stood in for the planet Tollana for Stargate SG-1. More.

Stargate SG-1 filming at SFU


NURV Headquarters in the Tim Robbins film, "Anti-Trust."

NURV Headquarters in "Anti-Trust"