Agent Cody Banks

During the summer of 2002, part of the Simon Fraser University campus was transformed into CIA Headquarters for the MGM film, "Agent Cody Banks". The set was designed by "Austin Powers" production designer Rusty Smith. The MGM film stars Frankie Muniz, Cynthia Stevenson, Judge Reinhold, Martin Henderson, Ian McShane, Arnold Vosloo, Hilary Duff, and Angie Harmon, directed by Harald Zwart. The entire set was created with friction fittings, and the new walls matched the original concrete so well that only the designer knew which was which at first glance. In fact, one set builder accidentally drove a concrete nail into a fake wall, as even he was fooled.

This the SFU's Transportation Centre. For "Agent Cody Banks", the glass was covered up, doors were added, and it became CIA headquarters.

This is view of the west side, second level, of the central Transportation Centre atrium, looking north became the Executive Meeting Room.

Looking southeast toward Library -- steps and doors were added to make part of the main Control Center.

Looking northeast across the planter...which became the Control Center.

Looking north at the offices and looking southeast, the planter has become the centre of a round table with computer screens in the middle of the circle and more maps on the walls. The maps seen here was replaced with computer-generated maps by the time Cody Banks made it to the big screen.

Looking northeast which became more Control Room.

Looking south toward the Security office, became the equivalent of MI6's Q's Laboratory, complete with swiveling "bullet-proof" doors dividing it from the control room.

Technical labs separated by swivel doors from CIA main control centre. Cody Banks' version of Q's labs from James Bond.

The former gas station now parking lot become the CIA Recuitment Centre, and the gates of Kamp Woody were built standing alone in front of it.

Above: CIA Recruitment Center and gate to Kamp Woody under construction at the former gas station on SFU Burnaby campus.

Top right: Fully dressed CIA Recruitment Centre where Cody goes to apply.

Bottom right: Kamp Woody, a secret camp for training young spies in the Cody Banks world. (Just this part was built, and another location was used for what was behind the gates.)