Bad Angels Production of "Fallen" based on the book series by Tom Sniegosky. This was a production of ABC Family channel in conjunction with Disney television.

Synopsis:  These angels, the Fallen, abandoned The Creator and Lucifer, choosing to live on earth among the pleasures of humans. Angry, the Creator flooded the earth, killing the Nephilim and driving the Fallen into hiding. He sent the Powers, fierce warrior angels, to earth to hunt those that survived the flood. But there was hope for the Fallen in a prophecy: a Nephilim (AARON - Paul Wesley) would be born who would redeem them and return them to paradise.

Paul Wesley taking five.

Paul Wesley between takes

Fallen takes over Convocation Mall at SFU.

The loading bay for the Maggie Benston Centre was turned into a hospital emergency area.

"Fallen" shooting in Convocation Mall

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