Kyle XY

KYLE X/Y premiered June 2006, and followed the story of Kyle (Matt Dallas), a mysterious teenage savant with the innocence of a newborn. After being found wandering in traffic and put in an institution, he meets psychologist Nicole Trager, who brings him home, much to the chagrin of her two children Lori and Josh. Even her husband Stephen is a bit wary of his wife’s latest patient. As Kyle begins to show signs of brilliance, solving the mystery of his origin and potential abilities becomes the family’s mission. The ten one-hour episodes were produced by Touchstone Television. Cast included Jean-Luc Bilodeau, April Matson, Marguerite MacIntyre, Chris Olivero, Kristen Prout and Bruce Thomas. (from

Inside the "Oak Park High School" gym for Kyle X/Y.

Lighting the gym from the outside.

"Oak Park Recreation Center" is the West Mall Complex and the Labatt Sport Court. 

Right: Amber Borycki heads to the set.

The Lorne Davies Gym Complex at SFU and part of the setup for Kyle X/Y.

Amber Borycki and set crew.

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