The Sixth Day

The Arnold Schwarznegger film, The Sixth Day, was filmed around Vancouver, Canada (they blew up our new Public Library at the end). SFU became The Hopkins/Leung Conference and Research Center, including six seconds or so where Arnie drove his classic car through the AQ pond and down and out of the Transportation Center.
Movie trailer:

Screenshot from the movie trailer, as the Cadillac drives through campus.

Schwarznegger drove across the pond (special platforms were constructed after the fish were removed), down the stairs (additional stairs constructed over the existing ones) that graduands walk down during graduation ceremonies, across Convocation Mall and out the Transportation Centre. Filming took about two months and appeared for about six seconds in the final film.

".... (we) built the Cadillac movie cars for The 6th Day. There were about 5 made, and one was a short car. Four of them had the stainless rear end on them. The bottoms were all cut out and 67-72 GM truck rear suspensions were used, as well as 70-81 Camaro front clip with 350 Chevy's. They all had bosch H4 headlight with PIAA bulbs."

From and bigjim5551212.

Building stairs over the existing stairs, but ones that will handle a bouncing 1957 Cadillac.
You can see the platform under water where the car will drive.
Stairs look normal, but they've been built up to handle a car driving down them.
Building up the stairs down to the Transportation Centre

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