Undergraduate Students


Bursaries are a supplemental source of funding for students with demonstrated financial need.  Bursaries are available to Canadian and International students.  Bursaries should not be treated as your primary source of funding.  You should be aware that you may not be awarded a bursary every term.  Due to the high volume of applications received each term, disbursement of funds may not occur until the middle of the term of application.  You are encouraged to plan accordingly.

To apply for a bursary, students must:

  • have a demonstrated financial need (as assessed by SFU)
  • be enrolled in a minimum of 9 units of standard graded courses in the term of application, unless otherwise stipulated
  • be in good academic standing and have a minimum CGPA of 2.00 at SFU in the term of application (waived for students in their first term at SFU).

How to apply

Please note:  You do not need to specify which individual bursaries for which you want to apply.  If you are eligible, you will be considered for all available bursaries.

Bursaries administered by SFU

For a complete listing, check out our online Scholarship, Awards, and Bursaries database.

TSSU Member Childcare Bursary

If you have children, are a student at SFU, and currently hold an appointment as a TA, TM, Sessional Instructor or ELC/ITP Instructor, you may be eligible to receive the TSSU Member Childcare Bursary.  Information on the bursary is available in the TSSU 2010-2014 Collective Agreement on page 64-65 & 86-87.

Eligible applicants may apply each term, through the online Work-Study/Bursary application found on the Student Information System (go.sfu.ca) during the application periods (see Application Deadlines). Applications submitted during the application periods will also be considered for any additional bursaries which may be available.

Please ensure you answer 'yes' to the question on the online application asking if you are applying for the TSSU Member Childcare Bursary.

TSSU Member Childcare Bursary - late applications

In accordance with Article XXVIII of the current TSSU Collective agreement:

“Applications for funding from the TSSU Member Child Care Bursary must be received by Financial Assistance in the Office of the Registrar by no later than the end of Week 2 of classes for the semester in which she/he is applying to the TSSU Member Child Care Bursary. Applications may be submitted after Week 2 but such applications will be subject to the availability of funds at the time of the application. A small portion of the funds will be reserved for late applications or applications involving a change of financial circumstances. The size of this reserve will be determined through consultation between the TSSU and the University. The applicant must identify him/herself as an employee in the bargaining unit on the application.”

If you missed the application periods for the term and would like to request a late application, please email the following information to faawards@sfu.ca:

Subject Line: TSSU Childcare Member Bursary – Late Application Request
Message: Include your name, student number and your request for a late application
Attachments: A copy of your current term contract confirming your TSSU appointment and your child care receipt for the first month of the term.

Please note that this late application will be in consideration of the TSSU Member Childcare bursary ONLY (not any other University-administered bursary funding).