Food Access & Education Committee

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Please contact the committee groups directly for more information about the programs and services offered.

Graduate Student Society

The Graduate Student Society serves, advocates and promote the academic, social, and professional interests of graduate students at SFU. The Emergency Grocery Card Program was established by the GSS provides temporary assistance in the form of grocery cards to graduate students in urgent financial need.

Health & Counselling Services

SFU Health & Counselling Services offers a wide range of health services for students seeking information and assistance regarding health related issues.

SFU Meal Exchange

SFU Meal Exchange is a national youth-driven registered charity working to achieve a more secure and sustainable food system on campuses and with communities across the country. We engage, educate and mobilize youth to support sustainable food systems where food is accessible, affordable, healthy and socially just.



Embark is a student-led non-profit society based out of Simon Fraser University with over 35,000 undergraduate and graduate student members. We empower students to create sustainable change through grants, training, and engagement.

We work to represent the voice of students at the university. Our commitment over the years has allowed us to acquire a seat on SFU's Senior Sustainability Council, the Sustainable Mobility Advisory Committee, and has enabled us to work with various SFU departments and groups to ensure student sustainability issues are addressed. 

SFU Student Services (SEM)


SFU Student Services provides information and support to contribute to student experience and success. 

Simon Fraser Student Society

More information to come!

Women's Centre

More information to come!


The Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) is SFU's student-funded and student-directed resource centre dedicated to social and environmental justice. They offer SFU students lots of engaging programming, volunteer opportunities and resources - including access to the Quest Food Exchange.

SFU Dining Services

SFU Dining Services offers a wide variety of dining options to students, staff and faculty at SFU, Burnaby campus.  We are proud to be a fair trade campus and boast Canada's first fair trade Starbucks to serve fair trade espresso hand crafted beverages.  We also have Canada's first and only 24 / 7 Dining Hall and have a wide selection of menu items that include vegan, halal, vegetarian, dairy free and items made without gluten.