Program Updates - FAQ

What happened to the SFU Food Bank? 

The SFU Food Bank ceased the distribution of food as of December 24, 2013 and has shifted the focus to providing students with food access information and referrals to on and off campus resources and services (A to Z Resources, Health & Counselling Services). The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) is piloting the ‘SFSS Food Bank Program” which will give undergraduate students access to food on campus via food certificates from Nesters. The Graduate Student Society (GSS) will continue their GSS Emergency Grocery Card Program

What is the SFSS Food Bank Program? 

The SFSS Food Bank pilot Program was launched on October 1, 2013. Food Certificates to Nesters, valued at $25 per visit, will be distributed by the SFSS General Office to undergraduate students who have registered through the SFSS website

Who is eligible to use this service (the SFSS Food Bank Program)? 

All undergraduate students at SFU with self-assessed need will be able to apply for the SFSS Food Bank Program. For more information on this new pilot program and how to apply, visit the SFSS Food Bank Program website.

Why is this change happening now? 

The SFU Food Bank has been experiencing ongoing issues in regards to:

  • Lack of sufficient space for food storage
  • Concerns with expired food
  • Inadequate healthy food options

We are responding to these issues by:

  • Shifting to a referral model which connects students to more robust on and off campus resources and services.
  • Connecting various campus groups to build a broader network to better address access issues around food access and education.

What is available starting January 1, 2014? 

The SFSS Food Bank Program (food certificates) will be available to undergraduate students as an alternative program. The GSS will continue to run the GSS Emergency Grocery Card Program for graduate students. There are many other resources and services available on and off campus as well – check out Health and Counselling Services’ A-Z Resources. Student Services has spearheaded the SFU Food Access & Education Committee (SFU FAEC), which includes representatives from Student Success (Student Services), Health and Counselling Services (Student Services), Simon Fraser Student Society, Graduate Student Society, SFU Meal Exchange, and Sustainable SFU. This committee will be working towards bridging the communications and efforts in enhancing food access and education initiatives across campus as a way to better inform and support students.  

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