Sustainability Peer Educator

The Sustainability Peer Education Program is a student sustainability leadership program co-run by Embark Sustainability and SFU’s Sustainability Office. Over this eight-month program, you will develop the tools, resources, and knowledge needed in order to dream up and develop your own sustainability initiative at SFU. You will also be an integral part of a group of students that are motivated to make SFU a more sustainable community.

As a Sustainability Peer you can expect to:

  • Think critically and innovatively about sustainability while developing a deeper awareness of the context in which sustainability initiatives can grow.
  • Participate in a series of weekly workshops that will broaden your understanding of sustainability as a concept and practice (such as sessions on anti-oppression, addressing food waste, social justice movements, and communicating about sustainability).
  • Consider sustainability through a lens of reconciliation and decolonization. Explore the connections between land and water, social sustainability, justice, and Indigenous peoples and worldviews in Canada.
  • Build community through connections with sustainability-minded students and a network of sustainability professionals.
  • Start or contribute to an initiative that creates sustainable change at SFU and beyond. Examples of past projects include a reusable coffee cup sharing program, a food waste recovery program, and a dialogue & storytelling event about sustainability.

Push the limits of your professional and personal growth by learning skills that you can take with you on your journey beyond SFU and the Peer Education Program. 
This program is a part of Peer Education, a collaboration with Student Engagement & Retention at SFU. Embedded within your role will be a focus on your personal development, including goal-setting and connecting with an experienced Peer Educator, your Peer Coach.

Read student testimonials

"I learned so much about my field. The meaning of ‘sustainability’ is very different from what I had going into this program."- Priscilla, Sustainability Peer Educator 2017 - 2018

"The biggest takeaway from my experience as a Peer Educator is that being an advocate for the environment also involves being an advocate for other issues, such as decolonization, global inequality, and waste. I also learned that there are so many ways to get involved with environmental issues. There are ways to bring forward issues in media, many non-profits, and protesting on the front lines. The knowledge I have gained, and learning of ways to help, inspire me to take initiative." Angela, Sustainability Peer Educator 2017 - 2018

"I have learned so much in the weekly workshops. Each workshop I learned new things about current issues or about myself. [...] My biggest takeaway would have to be the importance of decolonization and reconciliation and learning about it." Nikki, Sustainability Peer Educator 2017 - 2018


Embark is an independent, student-led not-for-profit based out of SFU. Our mission is to engage our 35,000+ undergraduate and graduate student members in change-making and to inspire their sustainability leadership through our grant, advocacy, and student-designed programming.

We focus on three pathways (Climate Action, Food Systems Change, and Social Sustainability) leading to students’ ability to actively cultivate sustainable communities both on and off campus. 

Location: 2623 West Mall Complex
Phone: 778.782.8763


The Sustainability Office supports the university to develop and implement sustainability plans and policies; leads campus-wide signature sustainability projects towards SFU’s sustainability goals; and provides best practice services to scale student, faculty and staff sustainability initiatives across the institution.

Location: 2609 West Mall Complex
Phone: 604-363-1170

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Type: Volunteer
Campus: Burnaby

Hiring Period: Spring 2022 timelines coming soon!

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