SFU Students have consistently reported internet use and gaming to be one of the top ten issues that negatively impact their academic success - everything from “'receiving an incomplete, dropping a course, receiving a lower grade in a course, on an exam, or on an important project”' (NCHA, 2004,:2007).

Why is this an issue? Sometimes people can begin to use the Internet or games so much that they begin to notice other areas of their life falling behind. Just like any other behaviour, using the Internet or gaming in excess can have a huge impact on our ability to succeed in school, in our relationships, at work, and in general.

This website has been created to increase awareness about this issue and its impact for students academically and for their health and well-being. The impacts of internet use and gaming are included with tips and strategies for those who may be struggling, resources for support, and a screening tool to assess how internet use and gaming impact your wellness.


Similar to the negative impacts resulting from spending too much time on the internet, spending too much time game playing, can also be detrimental to your wellness. In a survey of over 800 SFU students assessing internet use and gaming, the top three impediments resulting from excessive gaming include academic success, health, and wellness (i.e. sleep, exercise, eating right, etc...), and social life.

The good news is that you don't have to quit gaming altogether, moderate game playing can be part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, you just have to make sure it does not interfere with other areas of life. There are many strategies you can try if you feel as though your gaming is getting in the way of other aspects of life. Check out the warning signs to see if you or a friend may be at risk and try some of our tips and strategies to ensure your gaming is balanced with the rest of your life.