COVID-19 Emotional Support Group

During this unprecendented time, our dedicated team of mental health professionals are here to support you. 

Are you struggling with distress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic? Has your mental health been impacted by physical distancing or self-isolating? Are you feeling alone? Come join our virtual support group and create a safe space where you can connect with other students, share how you feel, and receive support.

Please note that this group offers three different types of sessions:

  • All SFU students
  • Graduate students (open to graduate students only)
  • LGBTQ2+ students (open to students exploring or self-identifying as LGBTQ2+) 


See below for group dates & times



Online via Zoom

All SFU Students


Wednesdays & Thursdays (May 13 - June 25)

1:30 to 2:30pm

Graduate Students


Tuesdays (May 19 - June 30)

1:30 to 2:30pm

LGBTQ2+ Students


Mondays (May 25 - June 29)

1:30 to 2:30pm


COVID-19 Emotional Support Group Guidelines

In preparation for our session:

  1. Find a private space and try to free yourself from distractions
  2. Sit in a quiet room or wear headphones
  3. Test your speakers and microphone to make sure they’re working
  4. Create a confidential and private space where you will not be interrupted, and your conversation will not be overheard. Consider creating white noise outside the doorway and use headphones or earbuds
  5. Use the biggest screen size available to you (i.e. a laptop rather than a phone). Ensure that the device is stable and the camera level with your eyes. Make sure that you’re well-lit with no bright light source directly behind you
  6. Clear your internet by closing out of any programs you don’t need
  7. Make sure your family members or roommates are not streaming video services (e.g., Netflix, YouTube) during your video session unless you know you have sufficient bandwidth to support plenty of streaming services at once