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    A Healing Space

    Identity, Currently Offered , Self-Compassion

    This support group is for students who self-identify as Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, Bi-racial and/or Multi-racial to share their stories of witnessing or experiencing racism.

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    Black Student Support and Healing Space

    Identity, Currently Offered

    A support group for Black students to feel comfortable talking about Black experiences surrounding racism in a group setting. We will encourage the sharing of personal stories of racism and cultivate healing.

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    COPE - Compassion Over Pain Endurance

    Currently Offered , Resilience

    This is a support group for students who have experienced loss during the pandemic. This loss could include jobs, death, and/or social connection, etc.

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    Dissertation & Thesis Support Group

    Identity, Currently Offered , Focus Balance, Stress, Anxiety, Graduate Students

    This is a support group for graduate students, who are writing their thesis or dissertation, to share their experiences and receive support.

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    Dungeons & Worry Dragons

    Currently Offered , Anxiety, Depression, Stress

    This support group is for students who want to build social skills to combat depression and anxiety. Group members will be playing Dungeons & Dragons, the tabletop role-playing game.

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    Experiencing ADHD

    Currently Offered , ADD ADHD

    This group is here to provide you with the opportunity to co-create a sense of community with peers in a safe space which honours the unique challenges of navigating post-secondary education as a person with ADHD.

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    Experiencing Disability

    Currently Offered , Identity, Chronic Pain

    This support group is restricted to CAL registrants, and is for students with disabilities to find support in a safe environment.

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    Finding Calm After the Storm

    Currently Offered , Self-Compassion , Identity, Resilience

    This support group is for students who have had exposure to or experience with person violence, family violence, intimate partner violence, or sexual assault.

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    International Student Support Group

    Currently Offered , Identity, Stress, International Students

    This support group is for students to support each other as they navigate everyday complexities of being an international student, including transition, family dynamics, culture, and independence.

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    Mental Wellness During COVID-19

    Anxiety, Currently Offered

    A series of drop-in workshops intended to provide peer support/connection and psycho-educational information related to student life during a global pandemic.

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    Mindfulness Meditation

    Mindfulness, Currently Offered , Anxiety, Stress, Focus Balance

    Connect with your body and relax your mind. These drop-in sessions include mindfulness practice, information on habits of mind, and the opportunity for a brief discussion about the practice.

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    Mood & Anxiety Skills Program

    Anxiety, Stress, Currently Offered

    This is a non-judgemental and confidential group for students who want to understand and learn more about how to manage anxiety and mood concerns.

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    Navigating Athletic Transitions

    Currently Offered , Physical

    A support group for current or previous varsity athletes who are navigating transition related to university, sport, and career.

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    Nurturing Resilience

    Currently Offered , Resilience, Self-Compassion

    A support group for individuals who have experienced any form of sexualized violence. Each week, we will explore a theme that emphasizes resilience and resource development. New members welcome weekly.

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    South Asian Diaspora Community Healing Space

    Currently Offered , Identity

    A support group for students who have cultural or personal ties to South Asia to connect with others and offer peer-to-peer support facilitated by Health & Counselling staff.

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    Stress 101: A Mindfulness Approach to Stress Management

    Anxiety, Stress, Mindfulness, Currently Offered

    This support group is intended to support students experiencing generally present anxiety and stress in various areas of life. New members welcome weekly.

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    Understanding and Coping with Anxiety and Depression

    Currently Offered , Anxiety, Resilience, Self-Compassion , Depression

    This CCR-approved seminar is open to any students, staff or faculty who are interested in learning more about anxiety and depression.