Resources for Faculty & Staff

Urgent and Emergency Medical Care:

HCS will provide urgent/emergency care to all members of the SFU community.  Staff and faculty can also access occupational first aid whenever necessary. Inquire at


For Community Leaders:

SFU staff and faculty are invited to attend workshops and events like our Guided Meditation, and Yoga for the Mind.  Check out our website for a full listing of workshops and events.

Supporting Students in Distress Training

As a member of the SFU community, you are in a unique position to recognize and identify students in distress. Responding with interest and concern in a timely manner can be critical in helping students link with resources that can support and assist them. The Supporting Students in Distresss workshop will give participants the tools and know-how to recognize when students are in distress, when they are stepping over boundaries, or when students may be experiencing mental health issues.

Support Over Suicide Training

In Canada, suicide ranks as the second highest cause of death (after auto accidents) amongst university-aged youth. SFU offers suicide prevention training workshops each semester. Our trainers are also available to provide customized training sessions for large and small groups of staff and faculty.

Other Resources:


For Your Students:

Seeking Help:

Learning Skills & Managing Stress:

HCS Groups & Workshops:

  • HCS clinical services
  • Support Over Suicide Workshops
  • Supporting Students in Distress Workshops
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program
    This SFU program provides confidential, professional assistance to help faculty and staff, and their spouses and dependants resolve problems that affect their personal lives or work performance.
  • A-Z list of HCS health resources
  • Additional resources