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Facilitator: Erika Horwitz, Associate Director Counselling, Health and Counselling Services 
Duration:  10 minute and 25 minute versions available 
Description: Mindfulness helps you become focused and allows you to rest from constant thinking. Practice being in the present, and let go of worries about the future and past.
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Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Facilitator: Cathy Trudeau, Clinicial Counsellor, Health and Counselling Services 
Duration:  10 minutes
Description: Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a technique of tensing and relaxing muscles through your body - it can help to increase levels of relaxation and decrease levels of stress and tension. 
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Body Scan 
Facilitator: Erika Horwitz, Associate Director Counselling, Health and Counselling Services 
Duration:  25 minutes
Description: The Body Scan is a Mindfulness based practice that allows us to be present with our bodies and to learn to observe and experience our bodies without judgement, analysis or resistance. It is sometimes useful to do it before doing the Mindfulness meditation as it tends to focus the mind and ground the body.

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Video Recordings

All yoga, relaxation, and stretching videos are provided by GAIAM TV.

Upper Cross Syndrome
Facilitator: Dr. Carla Cupido
Duration:  6 minutes
Description: Dr. Cupido explains what upper cross syndrome is and suggests a few simple exercises to help prevent and/or manage this condition. If you sit at a desk all day or study regularly this video will be very useful!

Yoga For Upper Cross Syndrome
Facilitator: Kreg Weiss
Duration:  6 minutes
Description: Eliminate upper back and neck tension with this short seated yoga video. Explore simple methods of opening and re-strengthening upper body muscles that become imbalanced due to poor sitting habits and chronic work-related postures.

De-Stress Relaxation
Facilitator: Michelle Trantina
Duration:  20.5 minutes
Description: Recognize and transform patterns of stress and tension. Bring yourself to a place of grounded calm. This practice was designed to be done sitting in a chair, but can also be practiced, if you prefer, sitting on a cushion or lying down.

Gentle Renewal Flow (Level 1)
Facilitator: Kreg Weiss
Duration:  30 minutes
Description: Saturate mind and body with calming energy with this gentle yoga class. Slow movements and guided breath are taken into the yoga poses adding a refreshing, meditative quality to this practice.

Yoga For Heart Opening and Rejuvenation NEW!
Facilitator: Cameron Gilley
Duration: 75 minutes
Description: Join Cameron in this live studio sessions. This is a moderate level hatha yoga class that will leave you feeling expansive, deeply rejuvenated, and in touch with your body and mind. Cam discusses Ujaiyi breath, flows through a balanced sequence of yoga postures ending in the most important posture of all: savasana. This class begins in child's pose. Please have a pillow or blanket near by. Filmed at Semperviva Yoga Studios' Kits Beach location in Vancouver, BC.

Grounding Breath Yoga Flow NEW!
Facilitator: Kreg Weiss 
Duration:  25 Minutes
Description: This hatha yoga class incorporates various calming Pranayamas (Breath Exercises) with simple asanas (postures), like Downward Facing Dog, to create a state of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner reflection. Anytime you need to center yourself, and are looking for a more gentle practice.

In a Heartbeat Vinyasa Yoga NEW!
Facilitator: Clara Roberts-Oss 
Duration:  30 Minutes
Description: There are 3 rhythms in the body, that of the heart, the breath and the brainwaves. This short but sweet namaskar connects you to these inner rhythms. As you move through this sequence, you will be reminded to listen to how these rhythms change and how they affect one another. In A Heartbeat is a well rounded and concise class. Close your eyes and listen.

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