Mental health at SFU

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Social Connection

Quality relationships are central to individual and collective well-being and you can still feel connected to your networks even if you don’t see them often. Discover ways to enhance your university experience by connecting with others, forming new relationships or enhancing existing relationships, and engaging with your community.

Stay socially connected:

Be willing to meet new people and make new friends:

  • Be curious and challenge yourself to look for opportunities to learn new things or meet new people

  • Sign up for activities and extracurriculars that genuinely interest you

  • Offer to organize or join existing virtual or in-person recurring check-in or study meeting 

  • Take up offers that come your way and look for new experiences. Unfamiliar situations can be opportunities for personal growth and meeting new people

  • Join a new club, SFU committee, or find ways to get involved at SFU or in your community

Maintain healthy relationships with friends, colleagues, romantic partners or family members:

  • Take a few minutes to check in with a friend or family member by sending them a message or calling them

  • When working on a class discussion or work project, be intentional about fostering positive interactions and getting to know each other as people—not just work partners   

  • Plan an afternoon to disconnect from work or study and focus on spending quality time with friends and family

  • Be yourself and respect your own thoughts and feelings

  • Try to resolve conflicts respectfully. Practice active listening, consider the other person’s perspective, and respect their point of view

  • Focus on your feelings and share your perspective instead of blaming others. Use “I” statements when communicating and be clear about your needs (‘I feel hurt’)


SFU Resources

Below find some on campus resources that are related to your social well-being. For a full listing of resources related to all aspects of your health and wellness see

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office: Get involved with contributing towards a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive community. Learn more about the resources and supports available.

Health and Counselling Services (HCS): HCS offers many events, groups, workshops and online-training for both graduate and undergraduate students to enhance their social well-being. Check out the What’s Happening page at SFU for opportunities to connect with others. 

Indigenous Student Centre: The Indigenous Student Centre offers information and referrals, and works with both on and off campus groups to provide access to community resources, band liaison, and funding for Indigenous students.

International Services for Students: International Services for Students provides support and services for all students looking for information regarding international student experience, including admission information, opportunities for exchange, intercultural engagement, and ways to connect to other international students.

Intramurals Recreation Programs: Join intramurals to have fun, be active, and meet new people.

Out on Campus: Out on Campus is SFU's centre for lesbian, gay, transgendered and bisexual people and their allies. The centre offers events and resources in a safe space where you can identify yourself however you want without prejudice or discrimination.

Residence Programming: Find upcoming events in Residence so you can get active and participate in your Residence community.

SFSS Women’s Centre: The Women’s Centre provides support and resources for all self-identified women, trans, and intersex people, and offers education and services to all visitors and allies. They offer programming on a variety of different topics and activities all year round.

Student Clubs: A great way to get involved in your campus community is with student clubs - join an existing cultural or social club, or start your own!

Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry: Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA) is an SFSS constituency group that aims to support and provide events for black students on campus.


Additional Resources

Below find some off campus resources that are related to your social well-being.

Immigrant Service Society of B.C.: For immigrants and refugees needing assistance, support and resources about integrating into diverse B.C. communities.

Social Support: We all need people we can depend on during both the good and bad times - use this resource for tips on how to give and receive support amongst your friends and community, and how to enhance your support network. (NOTE: this resource is provided through - you might want to go here for additional information on mental health and wellbeing).

Welcome B.C.: This government site has information on immigrating to B.C. and adapting to a new environment

Faculty and staff

Are you looking to promote social connection in your classroom or workplace? Everyone at SFU can help create a healthy campus community. Learn how you can support social connection as a teacher or administrator below.