Travel Health

Going travelling? Need travel advice, vaccinations, or general travel information?

Health & Counselling Services offers travel health consultations to students, staff and faculty.

What are travel health consultations?
Travel health consultations provide one-to-one travel medicine advice, vaccinations, and travel health education.  Appointments take about 45 minutes and must be pre-booked..  The first 15 minutes will be with a travel medicine physician who will provide recommendations based on your travel destination(s), your type of travel (e.g. backpacking, staying in 5 star hotels, etc.), and your medical history.  The second part of your appointment will be with a registered nurse who will provide travel vaccination(s) and general travel health information.  Please be prepared to wait 20 minutes post vaccination(s).   

How can I prepare for my consultation?
Please bring your vaccination history (immunization records) to your appointment and a list of the places you will be visiting, for how long and types of travel.

Is this service covered by MSP?
Please be aware that travel medicine services are not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP).  Travel medicine consultation fees are $30 for SFU students and $40 for staff and faculty.  Most vaccines are not covered by MSP; there are only a few extended health insurance plans that cover non-MSP vaccines.  To find out what your coverage is, please contact your extended benefits insurer.  Please be prepared to pay for your travel medicine consultation and for the vaccine(s) you receive, directly after your visit.  HCS accepts Visa, MasterCard, debit, cash, and cheques. 

Would you like to make an appointment?
Please call 778-782-4615 or drop by HCS and book an appointment.

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