Intercultural Engagement

About Us

The intercultural engagement team works to promote a supportive and inclusive environment for all students at SFU. We run a range of programs and events that provide opportunities for students to build their self-awareness, intercultural understanding, and respect for diversity.

Some of our goals include:

  • To promote and strengthen positive relationships amongst diverse identity groups within the SFU community 
  • To promote intercultural understanding and communication to interact effectively and appropriately within our diverse community 
  • To provide opportunities for students to build skills in communicating and working across cultures 
  • To raise awareness about the complexities of diversity, equity, and the process of social justice

Contact Us

Global Student Centre hours      (Oct 18-22nd):

Monday: 12 - 5pm
Tuesday: 12 - 5pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 12 - 5pm
Fridays: Closed

Weekends/ Statutory Holidays/ In-between Terms: CLOSED

The GSC lounge is open three afternoons every week. Check back here for weekly schedule!