Intercultural Engagement Coordinator


As Intercultural Engagement Coordinate, I support the Global Peer team. I care about supporting intercultural community building within the SFU community.

The Peer Educators



As an international graduate student here at SFU, I see myself an outsider in Vancouver, but an insider in global community. I look forward to helping promote cultural inclusion and intercultural communication as a peer educator.



The diversity of people make our world become more beautiful. I enjoy exploring this beauty together with the Global Community.

Sun Woo


I’m interested in learning about culture through food and photography, and I love reading books written by people with diverse backgrounds.


I joined the Global Peers program to be able to better understand how to facilitate meaningful and fun events for peers and students.



I would love to engage in uniting the campus with the beauty of diversity.



I want to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultures—what make individuals unique, our communities vibrant—and find common threads of connection.



I am passionate about working towards a community at SFU that exhibits awareness of and respectful appreciation for cultural differences that exist between us. 

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