Community Peer Responsibilities

What will a Community Peers do?

Your responsibilities as a community peer are two tiered: Community Leadership and Mentorship

Community Leadership:

  • As a community leader you will facilitate a community meet up discussion where you relay important information to a group of new students 
  • CPs will also collaborate with their Team Leads and the Program Coordinator to host Bite Size Events that will help members explore the lower mainland through a small off campus excursion 
  • Community leaders will also be the face of the program, their opennes and professionalism is vital to ensure members feel welcome in their new home


  • Via email, introduce yourself as a mentor, offer your assistance (sample letter below), and communicate as required prior to the student's arrival
  • Provide your mentee with an idea of what is expected of a student at SFU and what a student may expect from their experience in a new environment
  • Be available when your mentee arrives
  • Attend the Welcome Events with your mentee at the beginning of each term
  • Meet your mentee on at least two occasions, especially during the first weeks after arrival (including the Welcome Event); the frequency of future meetings will depend on the rapport established between you and your mentee
  • Attend monthly team meetings with co-mentors and your team leader
  • Complete midterm reports for each term and a program completion report at the end of the academic year in order to obtain a program completion status
  • In addition to mandatory program trainings, attend one training workshop per term for self-development


Remember that we need your genuine commitment! As we all know, “life happens!”. If for some unforeseen reason, you cannot continue to assist the new student, please advise us immediately so that we can find a new volunteer for them as quickly as possible. The possibility of handing over your assignment to another volunteer is acceptable, but please check with the Program Coordinator first.

Should an uncomfortable or unusual situation arise, please email the Program Coordinator (at or contact SFU International Services for Students at (778) 782-4232.

If you have any questions or comments about the Global Community Program, please contact the Program Coordinator, Reem at <>.