Global Community Mentorship Program
(formerly known as International Mentorship Program)

The Global Community Mentorship Program (GCMP) is a student-led volunteer program that connects new students with current SFU students. Our mission is to provide students with enriching cultural experiences, support their transition to Canadian life and introduce them to the SFU community.

The Global Community Mentorship Program is now recruiting mentors for 2018-2019!


Phone: 778.782.4232
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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(Applications to request a mentor will open in the summer)

Meet the Team


Hey guys, I am Scarlett. This year, I join GCMP again with previous experiences of being a mentor. I am familiar with SFU’s resources and I would love to refer them to you. In the following year, I wish to meet more people and to learn more about everyone. Feel free to drop by and say hi!

Team Lead

Hi everone, I am Rania. As a student with Algerian origins and who understands the need for tolerance and celebration of cultural diversity, I am eager to participate in developing an inclusive community at SFU that consists of culturally diverse students and providing students with the support, skills and resources necessary for their success at SFU.

Team Lead

Hi, I am Pihu. I have had an awesome time in the Global Student Centre and the Global Community Mentorship Program in past and I want others to have the same experience! If you like the outdoors, traveling, or dancing - we will have a lot to talk about. If you have any questions about SFU or the program, feel free to ask me!

Team Lead

Hi, I am Gurleen. I moved to Canada to puesue my higher studies last year and I am a graduate student. I love meeting new people and learning about their cultures! GCMP has been a very interesting and enjoyable experience so far and I am very excited for the upcoming terms in the program!

Team Lead

Hi, my name is Yiwen. I am enthusiastic about volunteering and building inclusive community. With developed interpersonal, communication and leadership skills from past experience, I join the Global Community Mentorship Program as a team leader in event planning and mentor-mentee relationship building.

Team Lead

My name is Tola. I enjoy cooking, dancing, listening to a diverse range of music and meeting new people. I am passionate about student engagement on campus. As a student who has been involved in volunteering and working at SFU for 3 years, I am familiar with the resources available on campus. Feel free to say hi!

Team Lead

Hello, my name is Brigitta. I have joined the program for almost two years now, with so many friends made and skills developed. I believe my experience in the Global Community Mentorship Program will be one of the most unforgettable memory through getting my degree in Chemistry at SFU.

How it works

New students who sign up for the program are connected with a current SFU student volunteer (these volunteers are called “mentors”). A mentor does many things, from answering questions about Canadian life to inviting new students to interesting events. Read more about mentors on our Request a Mentor page.

Initial contact occurs via email, but students are encouraged to meet with their mentors in person upon arrival in Vancouver. All students who are unfamiliar with Simon Fraser University, the city of Vancouver and the Canadian/North American lifestyle will greatly benefit from the program.

In pursuit of our mission, the Global Community Mentorship Program has a number of goals. We aim to:

  • Provide transition services and support to new students
  • Promote intercultural understanding and friendship between SFU students of culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Provide leadership and mentorship opportunities to SFU students
  • Foster a community of future leaders with broad global perspectives
  • Contribute to the internationalization of the SFU community

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Program Timeline (Summer 2018)