Global Community Mentorship Program
(formerly known as International Mentorship Program)

The Global Community Mentorship Program is a student-led volunteer program that connects new students with current SFU students. Our mission is to provide students with enriching cultural experiences, support their transition to Canadian life and introduce them to the SFU community.

The Global Community Mentorship Program is now hiring for various positions!


Phone: 778.782.4232
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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(Applications to request a mentor will open in the summer)

How it works

New students who sign up for the program are connected with a current SFU student volunteer (these volunteers are called “mentors”). A mentor does many things, from answering questions about Canadian life to inviting new students to interesting events. Read more about mentors on our Request a Mentor page.

Initial contact occurs via email, but students are encouraged to meet with their mentors in person upon arrival in Vancouver. All students who are unfamiliar with Simon Fraser University, the city of Vancouver and the Canadian/North American lifestyle will greatly benefit from the program.

In pursuit of our mission, the Global Community Mentorship Program has a number of goals. We aim to:

  • Provide transition services and support to new students
  • Promote intercultural understanding and friendship between SFU students of culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Provide leadership and mentorship opportunities to SFU students
  • Foster a community of future leaders with broad global perspectives
  • Contribute to the internationalization of the SFU community

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Program Timeline (Spring 2018)