Why join the Global Community Mentorship Program (GCMP) as a Graduate Student? 

Graduate programs are challenging. Starting a new program in a new country, with new people can be overwhelming. We're here to help! The Graduate GCMP aims to support students from diverse pathways at SFU by fostering a sense of community amongst incoming and current graduate students.

Why join this program?

Moving to a new city or country for graduate school can seem daunting; however, with the proper support and resources, the GCMP will help ease this transition and provide you oppurtonities to meet other students like you. 

The Graduate GCMP matches incoming students with current graduate SFU students. Your mentor will be available through email before your arrival, to answer any burning questions you may have, no matter how big or small.

Upon arrival, mentors and participants are able to meet through one-on-one check-ins and events hosted by the program. These events are open to all graduate students registered with the GCMP, allowing paticipants to meet new friends outside of their research lab and faculty. 

Registration for the Graduate GCMP are now open! 

How do I join the program?

To join the program please fill out the following websurvey:


I've filled out the survey, what's next? 

The GCMP Coordinator will reach out to you towards the end of Summer (July & August) to introduce you to the program and your mentor.

Already at SFU? Want to Volunteer as a mentor?

As a mentor, you'll be one of the first friends your incoming students will make. Through this mentorship you'll provide guidance and help a new graduate student transition smoothly to their new home at SFU, all while meeting other mentors who are graduate students just like you! 

As a graduate student who has experienced the transition to SFU yourself, the mentorship program will not only allow you to help new graduate students, but also introduce you to other current students. The GCMP is great way for volunteers to meet fellow graduate students in different faculties and research labs and expand their social network. As part of the program, the GCMP will host multiple fun social events and acitivities that will allow you to discover SFU, and the lower mainland.

How do I apply? 

Apply through myInvolvement:
1. Login and select "Opportunities" on the left panel
2. Select "Getting Involved: Current Opportunities"
3. Search for a position by its corresponding job ID (4945) in the
"Search by Opportunity ID" text box

Applications are still open! 

Past Events 

In the past, GCMP mentors and team leads have hosted a variety of events that engaged different interest groups. We're proud to support GCMP particpants' ideas, and bring their activity goals to life to create a mosaic of events that everyone can enjoy! 


"I enrolled in Global Community Mentorship Program as a mentee when I started my Masters degree, and I'm glad I found a good friend and a supporter in my mentor as I face thechallenges of settling down in a new country. Next year, I applied to become a mentor so I can support new students start their journey at SFU. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many friends from different countries, different academic programs, and exploring BC with them, and not to forget, trying out new cuisine. Overall, GCMP is a very rewarding volunteer opportunity and a great way to take time off from academic work." - Sachini

Got questions or concerns? 

Email the Global Community Mentorship Program Coordinator, Reem, at gcmp@sfu.ca