Halloween is almost HERE!

At this time of year people of all ages and backgrounds like to dress up in costumes, some of them funny, some of them scary. However, a person’s costume may be scary for other reasons – if it goes too far and crosses the line into something that might be considered cultural appropriation, racist, sexist, or just offensive.

"But it's just a costume! It's funny!"

Most people do not pick out a costume with the intention of being offensive. However regardless of intention, costumes can still perpetuate harmful stereotypes. This means that it is important to think about our decisions and how they may impact others. Cultural appropriation can take many forms, but around Halloween it often refers to people wearing ‘costumes’ that may reduce cultures to jokes and/or stereotypes.

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You play a big part in making SFU a respectful, inclusive, and a fun community. It’s up to all of us to work together to ensure a respectful campus community, so be thoughtful in what you wear.

Have a Happy Halloween!