Room Bookings

The calendar at the bottom of the page gives an overview of the meetings and events happening at Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver Campus. Chaplains and group leaders (members of IFC) can book rooms. If you are not a member of IFC and would like to book rooms please email and submit the form at the bottom of the page.

All bookings will be done on a semester basis. 

Semester Months Booking request starts
Fall September - December Mid August
Spring January - April Mid December
Summer May - August Mid April

Vancouver: Harbour Centre, Room 7021 

Burnaby: Interfaith Center is located in AQ 3200 and it has two rooms: Large room 3210 and back room 3203. 

Surrey: 5th floor, Interfaith 541, Room SRYC 3068 & SRYE 3004 

In addition, you may also book rooms through MECS at these locations. 

Key Points for Room Booking:

  1. All forms need to be filled through the form see the link below.
  2. Please fill in all the details and provide possible options and dates (select the AM or PM options properly).
  3. If you would like to book through MECS submit the form at least two weeks before but In case of emergency submit the form and send an email to as well.
  4. You can filter the agenda in the calendar to check the room availabilities.
  5. For any other enquires email

Please fill this form for room booking.

You can use the calendar below to compare times and locations for bookings

Burnaby Bookings: B

Surrey Bookings: S

Vancouver Bookings: V 

Note: This calendar is applicable for events starting from May 2019

You may switch to month view and filter room selections. For further details you can click the event also.