Room Locations

The Interfaith Centre and faith spaces are open to you! We have locations on all three campuses that are available for your faith practices. If you are new to SFU and looking for more information about the Interfaith Centre stop by our Burnaby location. If you are curious about learning more about faith, feel free to drop by too. Our goal is to facilitate living one's faith, to support your spiritual well-being and to increase understanding of and respect fot religious beliefs and practices across all three campuses.


Harbour Centre, Room 7021 


Interfaith Center is located in AQ 3200 and it has two rooms: Large room 3210 and back room 3203. 

Photos of common area, wash stations, and kitchen below also!


Surrey: 5th floor, Interfaith 541 and is open and we have temporary additional space in Room 3068.

We now have space in the New Engineering Builiding! Rm 3004

Calendar of IFC Events for all 3 campuses

Note: This calendar is applicable for events starting from May 2019

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